Week 10 Results for Better or Worse?

I won in the FinHeaven Forum 1 League, I am in with Tim, to go 9-1.

I need Goedert to score 12 for a win in Euro.

My other first place league looks like a loss due to the “Fields 40.” Still have 5 moving parts for MNF but unlikely.

In our So Be league I won with Lamb, Kirk and Schultz going off and do not need A J tonight.

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Overall a good week, that still left me disappointed and concerned.

Dynasty #1 (SFLEX): easy W against the weakest team in the league, but my team performance was a bit lackluster. The concern here are the Chargers. I have Herbert, Ekeler and Joshua Palmer, and while I can replace the latter, the first 2 are cornerstones in my team. And the Chargers are not looking good. Anyway, I’m 8-2 here now.

Dynasty #2 (1QB): my team performed well, but my opponent scored better Mahomes, Conner and Barkley torched me and buried my small playoff hopes. 3-7, time to sell a few assets (Foreman, maybe Pittman) and improve my 2023 draft capital. A top RB, and this team is in business next year.

SoBe keeper league: Beat Kevin, the #1 seed. 6-4, so playoffs still aren’t safe. Next week vs. Mack will be a crucial matchup.

US-EU redraft: Badly needed W against one of the better teams. 5-5 now.

SFLEX tournament: if Heinicke and Curtis Samuel score a combined 10.2 points, I’ll win and advance to 5-5. Playoffs are still out of reach, just playing for the honor there. Which, looking at all the inactive players in lineups, seems to be the exemption there.

The Colts should petition to join the AFC West. They have 4 wins; 3 of them are the Chiefs, the Broncos and the Raiders. Chargers TBD.

I lost the other two games in question by 3 and 5 points for a disappointing 2-2 week. Even worse I dropped to 2nd place in points by 11 and lost to the same team as in week 1 due to the Frakin Fields Forty. ARRRRRGH!!!

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have scooped up Fields both in the SoBe and the US-EU league. :sunglasses:



I can’t tell you how happy I am to have scooped up Fields both in the SoBe and the US-EU league. :sunglasses:

And I cannot even begin to tell you how FRAKIN HAPPY I am for you.
(dripping with sarcasm).