5th pick superflex half PPR

I haven’t really done 2qb leagues before. Most the sims I run show Allen, Murray, Jackson, and Prescott as my QB selections. My question is if Allen falls off before 5 is it better to get a tier 1 top 5 RB since RB’s are a big premium this year?

People in 2QB and Superflex leagues lose their minds over QBs.

Let them.

You go around scooping up the falling values for 5 rounds or so, and THEN start thinking about QBs. Assuming a normal-sized league, you’re still going to be looking at premium (not elite, but premium) QBs like Cousins and Ryan, maybe even Stafford. Definitely Winston, Fitzpatrick, Wilson (not THAT Wilson), Big Ben, etc… And your QB score is averaged across BOTH your QBs, so having Cousins and Ryan is functionally equivalent to Mahomes and Darnold.

I mean maybe–just MAYBE–if like EVERY team in the league has 2 QBs by the end of the third round, MAYBE you take a QB in the 4th–but in my experience, you’ll be just fine getting yours after you’ve stockpiled your RB and WR shelves.

Sweeet…This was the the answer I was hoping to hear. That’s usually what I do in all my leagues.(this one being a 10 man) I don’t think I have ever drafted a QB in rounds 1-3, I just didn’t know if its a good strat in 2QB leagues. A lot of people don’t realize the QB Value that lingers in rounds 6-10.

Oh heck yeah. You might be able to wait til the 7th. It WILL be hard not to panic, your first time, watching QBs fly off the board–and they will–but YOU will have the team that looks like it was drafted in an 8 man league.

lol this is insane I waited till the 7th in the mock

Matt Ryan
Alvin Kamara
Aaron Jones
DeAndre Hopkins
Keenan Allen
T.J. Hockenson
D’Andre Swift
Tee Higgins
James Robinson
New England Patriots
Younghoe Koo
Zach Cunningham
Kirk Cousins
Trey Sermon
Michael Carter
Tua Tagovailoa
Darnell Mooney
Russell Gage

Figured you’d like it. They always do.

One more time: You take best player available, ALWAYS!

Even in superflex, there is a high demand for elite RB’s. I see the experts drool over QB’s at the top of the 1rst round, as only an elite RB or 2 are taken at the top of the draft. Ironically, even in some of my amateur superflex drafts, the opposing amateurs get it closer to right by taking elite RB’s early.

That said, you don’t completely ignore the QB position either. In one 12 team league (with the 10th pick, snaking draft), I grabbed Lamar Jackson in the 5th round, and picked up Dak in the 6th! Later, I grabbed Derek Carr as a backup. Too good to be true, but it happens when you have people working off generic cheatsheets. Mind you, my first 4 picks were Diggs, Gibson, McLaurin, and Darrell Henderson.

Just looking at week 1 Yahoo projections (not a perfect science, I admit), there are only 2 teams in the league I’d lose to. One has Josh Allen and Justin Herbert starting (as well as Derrick Henry and Waller and Diontae Johnson) and the other has Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins starting (as well as Kamara and Kittle and DeAndre Hopkins). I confess, TE is my one weak spot, with Tonyan as my best TE. C’est la vie.

My overall point is you can wait a few rounds in superflex to grab a QB. Consider this: Most players will spend early draft capital on QB’s. In a 10 team league like yours, that means the top 18 fly off the board, assuming you don’t pick one. The next 6 best picks according to ECR: Ben, Fitzpatrick, Fields, Carr, Lance, and Winston. While everyone else is off grabbing other positions, you can grab 3 streaming starters from this group, and feel good going into the season with the RB’s and WR’s you grabbed earlier in the draft.

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So with QB set to high it looks like I’m averaging these QB’s in the mock drafts being taken and whats left over at the 5th round. I started at the 3rd since im looking to go rb/wr heavy in the first 4 rounds. One thing I keep noticing is Big Ben falling till the 11th round on avg. I feel like he is under valued for his “ok” production. I hope this thread helps someone else in my same situation.

3rd Round

4th round(in order with each mock)
Brady/No qb drafted/Rodgers
Stafford/No qb drafted/Herbert
Hurts/No qb drafted/…

5th round
no qb drafted/No qb drafted/Brady

Round 5 Draft 1 QB’s on the board
Joe Burrow
Matt Ryan
big ben

round 5 draft 2 QB’s on the board
Tom Brady
Ryan Tannehill
Jalen Hurts
Matthew Stafford
Joe Burrow
Matt Ryan
Trevor Lawrence
Kirk Cousins
Big Ben

round 5 draft 3 QB’s on the board

Jalen Hurts
Matthew Stafford
Joe Burrow
Matt Ryan
Trevor Lawrence
Kirk Cousins

I’d like to point out the obvious that this didn’t included the human factor. I wonder with this being a 5+ year group and the first time doing 2 qb’s if everyone is going to jump on the qb train or if they will draft as a normal draft out of classical conditioning.

That’s axually a good point. Habits can be hard to break. You might want to stoke the fires a little at your draft by joking about how quickly the QBs are going to fly off the board today, and how you don’t want to be the guy left starting Darnold and Bridgewater. Humans are pretty easy to stampede, if you know what feeds their paranoia.

It all depends on how serious the other owners are. If they are casual fantasy footballers, they will ignore the fact it’s a superflex league. If they are serious, they may over-rely on it, and you can end up stealing elite RB’s and WR’s and TE’s at sweet spots in the draft. Just keep your eyes open.

Well boys/girls I must say I am pleased. I scooped brady in the 5th and cousins in 11th. Have to see how it goes now.

Darius Leonard(DP replaced kicker this year)

5 Dalvin Cook Min, RB 1
16 Nick Chubb Cle, RB 2
25 DeAndre Hopkins Ari, WR 3
36 Keenan Allen LAC, WR 4
45 Tom Brady TB, QB 5
56 Myles Gaskin Mia, RB 6
65 Darrell Henderson Jr. LAR, RB 7
76 Darius Leonard Ind, LB 8
85 Dallas Goedert Phi, TE 9
96 Laviska Shenault Jr. Jax, WR 10
105 Kirk Cousins Min, QB 11
116 Jakobi Meyers NE, WR 12
125 Alexander Mattison Min, RB 13
136 Buccaneers D/ST TB, D/ST 14
145 Michael Carter NYJ, RB 15
156 Trey Lance SF, QB 16
165 Cole Kmet Chi, TE 17


Well, we got you coached up on QBs, and you did an excellent job of waiting and still mining gold for starters. Gotta slap my forehead at Lance as your bye week QB, though–especially with both your starters having byes in the first half of the season.

But what we needed to coach you up on was having a single IDP. You basically just took a Kicker in the 8th round!


When you only start one IDP, there are several on the waiver wire to choose from; you can basically just stream matchups all season.

Sorry 'bout that, but we can’t fix what we don’t know is broken. Maybe you could have mentioned it being the first year you’ve used an IDP or something.

Your starters are good, your depth sucks.

That “kicker” in the 8th, tho…


EDIT: Shoot, I just noticed that your only TEs are Goedert and Kmet.

C C-

They way scoring is set he is projected same points as Nick Chubb and Hopkins. So its basically a tier 2 RB that I know will produce atleast 7-8 points no matter the match up. I do see what your saying in treating DP’s as kickers. However, I 've had him all 3 years and he puts the number I want on my board. If/when he gets hurt I do play the weekly game as you stated with DP. My drafts end up lack luster in depth since I like to gamble on players popping off or taking the head role. Also I live and die by the waiver wire. I lost my top 3 (Mixon, Thomas, Kittle…looking at these names now hurts lol) draft picks last year and bounced back to 3rd place since I have a strong point of playing the waiver. I like to have my starting roster graded apart from the bench I hardly ever keep players on my bench I drafted unless they go off.

DG just needs Ertz to step a side and even without that DG is upfront just waiting.
Cole Kmet is a roll of the dice with a new QB(same with Jakobi)
I think Trey Lance will be the starter by the end of this season
Carter has T.Coleman to beat out…what more do I need to say.
Shenault seems to have good Chemistry with Lawrence and he is in his 2-3rd season I think.

Stop right there. The 5th-best Kicker last year scored as many points as Chris Carson in standard scoring; should you be taking a Kicker in the 3rd?

Of course not. Because there are like 15 Kickers who will all score between 130 and 160 points. With IDPs, there are at least 1-2 LBs on 32 teams that can all do pretty well, based on weekly matchups. Most of the time I don’t even draft one at all, I just draft another prospect at RB or WR, and then drop somebody for a streamer before Week 1.

You are right about one thing though; leagues are not won and lost at the draft; they are won and lost through in-season management–but this is a “Rate My Draft” post, so it is what it is.

Why would Ertz just “step aside”? Right now, the Eagles passing game is in shambles, at least until Minshew gets up to speed, and they use both TEs in their offense. I don’t expect there to be enough volume to make either one particularly fantasy relevant on the reg.

Barring injury to Garoppolo, it seems farfetched that a kid who played ONE season of college football–TWO years ago–and averaged 178 passing yards per game against FCS opponents could POSSIBLY be able to read and react to NFL defenses effectively enough to start as a rookie.

Well, he’s already “beat him out” technically, for the top spot on the depth chart, but let’s not kid ourselves–it’s going to be a full-blown four-headed RBBC for the Jets. Will Zach Wilson make their offense effective enough to support one or two RBs in fantasy? We shall see…

Shenault is more of a gadget guy though. Good for him that Etienne went down for the season, but it’s probable that both Marvin Jones and DJ Chark outproduce Shenault on the season.

I guess if all I’m getting shade on is the DP/kicker then it was a good draft lol…I guess I shouldnt tell you when I first started in a league awhile back with DP’s I drafted Landon Colin’s in the third cuz I seen his projected numbers. :man_in_motorized_wheelchair:

I see DG gaining the lead TE roll as far as production, for some reason I feel he has more talent not being utilized. It would be nice if they spear head a 2 TE attack like Brady does.

There’s good reason why QBs go early in 2QB leagues. Last year the top 5 QBs averaged 379 points and the 24th best QB (worst starter) 161 points, a difference of 218 points (4pt. passing TD as -2 for interceptions) For RBs, the top 5 averaged 314 points and the 30th best RB 160 points, a difference of 154 points. I used 30 RBs because that’s about how many are started in a 12-person PPR league with flex. You can’t necessarily make up for the loss of value of not picking an elite QB early by getting 2 mid-range QBs later. If you had picked the elite QB, you could still take a mid-range QB and get an additional player of value.

I can still get the performance from a mid-ranged QB and still have a tier 1 possibly two tier 1 RBs instead of using that pick on a QB

Just to give you a idea of what I was dealing with.

Round 1
1 Patrick Mahomes KC, QB
2 Christian McCaffrey Car, RB
3 Josh Allen Buf, QB
4 Alvin Kamara NO, RB
5 Dalvin Cook Min, RB
6 Travis Kelce KC, TE
7 Ezekiel Elliott Dal, RB
8 Derrick Henry Ten, RB
9 Austin Ekeler LAC, RB
10 Saquon Barkley NYG, RB

Round 2
1 Davante Adams GB, WR
2 Tyreek Hill KC, WR
3 Najee Harris Pit, RB
4 Aaron Rodgers GB, QB
5 Antonio Gibson Wsh, RB
6 Nick Chubb Cle, RB
7 Jonathan Taylor Ind, RB
8 Kyler Murray Ari, QB
9 Aaron Jones GB, RB
10 Calvin Ridley Atl, WR

I’m afraid that reason is as illusory as it is mythical; in other words, no there’s not.

This is single-QB thinking. In a 2-QB league, your QB score is averaged across 2 QBs. Chances are pretty slim of you having TWO of the top 5 QBs, so let’s say you have one of those top 5 guys who average 379 points (I haven’t checked the math, but I’ll take your word for it), and, say, QB15, last year that was Matthew Stafford with 270 fantasy points. So your Rodgers (379) and Stafford (270) are going to be equivalent to having two QBs each scoring 324.5 (the average of 379 and 270).

Are you with me?

Now let’s say I eschew the elite QBs, I take the QB14 and QB25 by ADP, which would be Matt Ryan and Derek Carr. Last year Ryan scored 293 and Carr 281, so my QB score will be equivalent to having 2 QBs each scoring 287 (the average of 293 and 281).

Still with me?

Your 324.5 minus my 287 is only about a 37 point difference now, isn’t it…?

You can TRY to get two of the top 5 QBs–but if 6 or 7 teams are all taking QBs early, the amount of draft capital you would have to invest to get TWO of the top 5 QBs would really hamstring the rest of your skill positions. And then of course there’s no guarantee that your top-5 rated QB is going to be among the top 5 at the end of the season. If Murray turns out to be a lemon this year, you might as well have waited and drafted Cousins.

As I have just demonstrated, you absolutely can, and it’s not even particularly difficult.

Oh, and by the way, I just showed that it’s not particularly difficult in a 12 team league. This one is a 10-team league.

Not entirely. You seem to mix this year’s ADP and last year’s seasonal ranking in your calculation. Let’s stick with one:

Last year, in my main league, QBs scored as follows:
QB5 = 446 FFP
QB15 = 320 FFP
QB25 = 212 FFP

So if you picked QB5 + QB15, you got an average of 383 FFP, or 23.9 FFP per game.
And if you picked QB15 + QB25, you got an avarage of 266 FFP, or 16.6 FFP per game.

That’s a difference of 14.6 FFP per game, as we’re talking about 2 starter positions here. You can still make up for that on RB/WR/TE, but it won’t be that easy, as long as the owners know what they are doing.

Btw, I won or lost by margin of less than 14.6 FFP in 5 of my 13 regular season games and both of my playoff games.

I won’t blame anybody for picking Mahomes or Josh Allen in the middle of the first round of a superflex draft. If the owners ahead of you all selected RBs, I’ll rather have Mahomes as my QB1 than Chubb as my RB1. Mahomes gives me an edge over the competition. Chubb won’t, unless I can get him as my RB2 in the second round.

Don’t chase positional trends - that’s the important part. Don’t pick a player from the same position that all others in front of you selected. Rather pick a top player from another position. I don’t blame owners for drafting Kelce late in the first round. Again, I’ll rather have a standout on TE than a runner-up on RB or WR. A runner-up won’t help you winning your league.