Superflex QB Draft

I have done several mock drafts and find that taking a premier QB early hurts my draft rating. This seems counterintuitive. I draft 7 out of 10 teams and get best results by taking 3 RBs to start. The offensive starters are QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, RB/WR/TE, QB/RB/WR/TE. Could there be a glitch in the draft system? Nothing I have read suggests that this is a sound draft strategy.

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If you are talking about your draft rating as it compares to the experts, I wouldn’t sweat it too much. Experts are frequently wrong. If you want to draft a QB early in a superflex draft, go for it.

That is helpful feedback. I have been trying to focus on maximizing my score. I assumed that doing that using league settings would be the way to go.

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I think it depends how ur league drafts. Our first year doing suprerflex people only bumped up QB ADP a few rounds. This year I think there will be an overcorrection and by time I pick a QB I’ll be SOL. I got a real tough decision at #1 OVR this year. Find ur guy and go get him.

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I think that the two flex and superflex make RB really important too. In the 7 spot out of 10, I’ll see how the first picks go to see if the league will be a run on QB or not.

Yeah maybe you get the BPA at #7 and with your 2nd rounder you take Allen, Herbert or Lamar. Even if your league mates think it’s too soon you will have almost assuredly started a run on QB’s and Rbs and WRs are sure to fall to you as a result for ur 3rd and 4th picks.

Well first of all, getting a high rating from a Draft Analyzer is the kiss of death–NEVER draft to impress the Draft Analyzer.

That said, the reason you score lower when you pick QBs early is because it prevents you from getting blue-chip players at RB and WR that are more critical to your team’s success than those highly-drafted QBs.

In a 10 team superflex league, you can likely ignore the QB position for 7-8 rounds while you’re scooping up all the RB and WR bargains that are falling through the scramble for QBs among the other teams. Then you sit back and casually select your Carr, Cousins and Winston or whatever.

There will probly even be a couple of starting QBs on the waiver wire once the draft is over. So don’t panic on QBs.

Are you saying that because it’s 10 teams and not 12? With two flex postions and two RBs, I find that taking 3 RBs early really helps my lineup. There are tons of WRs out there and lots of QBs clustered afer the top handful. I have a feelling that the mock draft is not weighing as QB as I expect me league to draft. Don’t want to panic if/when an run on QB situation emerges.

ABSOLUTELY do not panic at a QB run. It just means more quality players for you.

A 12 team superflex means that not every team will be able to have 3 starting QBs, so they are at a little more of a premium. I still wait longer than most to pick my QBs, but you can’t just completely punt them in a 12 teamer the way you can in a 10 teamer, where every team can have 3 starting QBs with a couple left over on the waiver wire each week.