You can only keep 1

Starting in a new keeper league and trying to decide which combination between player and round to keep.

I can only keep 1 player and must give up the round they were drafted in.

AJ Brown for my 3rd Round pick

Courtland Sutton for my 5th round pick

Brandon Ayiuk for my 14th round pick.

I’m mostly debating between the value of picking Ayiuk for just a 14th rounder as my WR2/Flex.

Being able to get AJ Brown as my WR1 for the 3rd round pick? This would allow me to go RB heavy the first 2 rounds with him guarenteed.

For context: it is a 12 team PPR league that also gives bonus points for 40+ yard plays/touchdowns.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Your debate is correct. Forget Sutton.

Both Brown for a 3rd and Aiyuk for a 14th are steals. The answer lies in who you might get with your 3rd round pick? If you can improve on Brown, then I’d let him go and keep Aiyuk, who has some strong upside potential. If Aiyuk ever reaches top 5 potential, giving up a 14th round pick for him every year will be stealing candy.