Keepers (need 3) - 2QB league (10 team PPR)

Kamara (9th overall)
Ekeler (3 rd round)
Prescott (5th round)
Ayiuk (7th round)
A. Robinson (9th round)

Questions: How many teams are in this league? Is it PPR?

Its a 10 team PPR league

Kamara, Ekeler, and Aiyuk. Two high quality PPR RB’s are hard to come by, and Aiyuk has the age advantage over Robinson.

As for QB, you should be able to get another good QB early, maybe even Prescott, since you won’t have to draft RB’s early.

Why not take Robinson with a 9th round though ? Seems like the best value for a top 15 WR

Robinson is getting a rookie QB (maybe) in a town that has never been QB-friendly. While Robinson has shown he can put up decent WR1 numbers regardless, he hasn’t made it to the top of the WR1 conversation recently.

On the other hand, Aiyuk is young and could be a good keeper WR for many years to come. Even with the 49ers getting a new QB (same issue as Robinson), Aiyuk could easily last long enough to bring a return on investment down the line, even as he offers comparable upside this season. On the other hand, if Robinson becomes a free agent soon, he could end up anywhere.

Robinson has always put up top 10 numbers with well below average QB play. I feel like he’s an elite talent in the 9th round is too good to pass up. I could probably draft Ayiuk in 5th or 6th round but Robinson will go well before that.

You may be right. When I look at dynasty leagues, I do tend to favor young talent over older talent at WR. But that is just me. There is nothing wrong with taking Robinson over Aiyuk in this situation.

Kamara, Ekeler and Aiyuk IMO

Kamara, Eckler, Dak. 2 QB league Dak in the 5th is a deal. Eckler in the 3rd is a steal with Kamara in late first round would be a great start to a team imo.