Keeper Advice: Terry Mclaurin in exchange for a 3rd round pick?

This is my second season in a keeper league with 10 teams. I could keep Terry Mclaurin in exchange for a 3rd round pick (24th overall pick). In a redraft league i probably would pass, but in my case players like Stefon diggs, Justin Jefferson, calvin ridley, dk metcalf, keenan allen, ceedee lamp and A.J. Brown wont be available because they are beeing kept by the other team owners in my league. So maybe Terry Mclaurin might be the best option at that point. Can you give me some advice and tell me if i am having the right idea here?
I would really apprecciate some opinons!

I see Terry McLaurin in the WR1/WR2 range, have him at WR12 in half PPR and WR11 in full PPR rankings. Sacrificing the #24 overall pick for him may seem a bit of a reach, but the question is indeed if you can expect to get a better player with that pick. That’s difficult to predict without knowing your full league setup. But seeing that you ruled out 6 of the 10 potentially better WRs already, it wouldn’t seem like a huge mistake to keep McLaurin.


Keep in mind that McLaurin is a good young WR who will be good for years to come, so he has greater value. Unless you think you can get a pick which can be used for a better player, it may be best to keep him. At #24, that pick is going to be a reach.

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Your comments have been very helpful! Thanks