Dynasty - Reload or Rebuild?

A lot to take in but could use some advice. Thanks for any input.

PPR Format. Flex=W/R/T.
QB - 1
RB - 2
WR - 2
TE - 1
Flex - 2
K - 1
Def -1
Bench - 6.

Dynasty Parameters. Select 4 keepers. Keepers hold Original Draft Round value for 3 years, if kept beyond 3 years automatically Round 1 value. Snake Draft.

Draft order is determined by “Reverse Standings” after Consolation and Championship playoffs. I won the consolation playoffs so I get first choice of draft slot I want for the draft. Runner up of consolation gets Second Choice of Draft slot so on and so forth.

My Players considered for Keeping
Tyreek Hill - Round 1 (Kept since rookie season)
Alvin Kamara - Round 1 (Kept since rookie season)
Lamar Jackson - Round 1 (2022-23 was 3rd yr keeper. at R10)
Keenan Allen - Round 3 (Yr 3, so 2023-24 season would be R1)
Brandon Aiyuk - Round 4 (Yr 1)
JuJu Schuster-Smith - Round 5 (Yr 1)
DeVonta Smith - Round 6 (Yr 1)
Kirk Cousins - Round 10 (Yr 1)
Jameson Williams - Round 12 (Yr 1)

My projected available players in Round 1, Rookies also available
Derrick Henry
Josh Jacobs
Nick Chubb
Rhamondre Stevenson
Kyle PItts
Tee Higgins
Michael Pittman Jr
Terry McLaurin

I am projecting from the rest of the league, not including myself
Round 1 - 7 keepers
Round 2 - 6 keepers
Round 3 - 1 keeper

Here are the options I have considered

Option A - Rebuild - Select Draft Slot #1. Don’t keep any R1 keepers. Take Bijan.
Have #1 pick, #24, #25 pick, projecting 13 keepers in R1 &R2 so only 9 live picks between my picks.
Keep - Aiyuk (4th), Devonta (6th), Kirk Cousins (10th) Jameson (12th)

Option B - Reload
Select Draft Slot #12. Keep Tyreek and R2 is my first live selection.
Projecting 7 keepers R1, so this would be Top 5 player available, but next pick not until pick #36.
Keep - Tyreek HIll (1st), Brandon Aiyuk (4th), Devonta Smith (6th), Jameson Williams (12th)

Option C - Trade Back
Select Draft Slot #1. Will have to not keep any R1 keepers. Trade R1 Pick 1 for a return of R1 pick plus player and/or picks.

My appreciation for those who read and reply.

This, although I would consider keeping Keenan Allen as your 3rd round pick instead of Cousins. Only starting 1 QB, you can probly stream QBs that will score as much as Cousins; Keenan Allen was top 12 in PPR based on fantasy points per game played last year.

You can use #1 on Bijan and #24 and #49 on a couple more RBs, and you’ll have a pretty solid core.

Get Gesicki late,

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You are a keeper league with over complicated rules to hold players.

That said, Have to go Robinson and start over with keepers you picked, Start the trade winds blowing.

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