I joined a 12-mann, 2keeper league advice on 1st pick

So I joined a 12-man Keeper league. Each team keeps 2 players. These guys lean heavily on RB’s. top 18 RB’s, top 3 WR’s, top 2 TE’s & top 1 QB off the board. I took over the worse team from last year so I have the 1st pick. Was forced to keep QB & WR because I had no options at RB.

Considering rb’s are at a premium in this league should I strongly consider taking Breece Hall with that pick? If I wait until the end of the next round he will not be there and likely not much else at RB

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Welcome aboard!

Without further info than what you provided, Hall is an excellent choice.

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I’m going to assume that this is a Standard and not PPR league if RBs are at such a premium.

Hall is a decent choice but based on what you’ve said about who else might be out there…sounds like some REALLY good talent at WR and TE is still there. Can’t trust any offensive player on the NYJ.

I’d give serious consideration to:
CeeDee Lamb
Kyle Pitts
A.J. Brown

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You don’t give us any options as to who is available, but I think I’d rather just forfeit my entry fee and give up the team rather than draft a Jets RB as my RB1 this year.

You’d be better off with Damien Harris–maybe even Damien Williams.

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To elaborate further. Players gone.
Got RB’s WR wrong earlier:
RB (19)
Taylor, Cook, Kamara, Henry, McCaffrey, Ekeler, Mixon, Chubb, Harris, Swift, Jones, Barkely, Williams, Elliot, Conner, Fournette, Montegomory, Ettienne & Akers.
WR (3)
Kupp & Brown, Jefferon
TE (2)
Pitts & Kelcie

Sorry about that. A lot more talent left than I thought. Here’s the issue. The team I took over sucked ass. My only keepers are Brown & Herbert. This is a RB heavy league and some of these guys will take a third RB in the first. Snake draft. I pick 1st but next round I pick last.

Ya I’d have a really hard time passing up on Andrews/Chase/Lamb in favor of a Jets RB.

I understand the hesitancy to essentially have 3 players with none of them being a RB, but there are several good RBs you can pick up in the 2nd/3rd/4th (Mitchell, Dobbins, Jacobs, Harris, Sanders, Penny, etc).

If it was a 3- or 4-keeper league I may be more inclined to grab a young RB, but with only 2 keepers, there is a lot of talent/depth left in the draft every year.

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Ok, that information about who is being kept helps put things in perspective. So when guys like Dobbins are the best available, you won’t be able to wait four rounds to pick a guy like Dobbins.

It would also help to know if it is PPR or standard scoring, but I think my plan would be to target two top 10 RBs from last season with your back-to-back picks at the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd (Devin Singletary and Cordarelle Patterson), and then select Ja’Marr Chase with the #1 overall pick.

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I see two options. Hall is the obvious. The other, which I would take a shot at is all out WR. Load up on the top WR’s and fill in RB where ya can.

You may well fail BUT, nothing to lose and the ride alone will be some fun.
Imagine if ya somehow come out on top? It has happened.


Thanks for the input everyone I really appreciate it. A few things to consider, player wise, even a few trade offers to mull over. Going to be an interesting draft next week for sure. Thanks.

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