WR Bye Week Help

12 tm, ppr. Do I roll with Kalif Raymond as my WR3 or try to pickup Russell Gage, Dante Pettis, or Chris Moore? Pretty deep league so not a lot of talent left.

Tough call. I suppose I’d lean Gage if he’s confirmed to play - better QB and matchup plus higher game total.

Yeah that’s what I’m leaning towards. Actually drafted Gage, but dropped him a few wks ago. Hoping he can be somewhat productive for the next couple weeks.

Everybody’s gonna hate this but I’ll throw it out there…if it were me just for this week I’d play Pettis.

Gage is #4 at best in that offense for for targets of value (Ridley, Pitts & Patterson are ahead of him at least) and he hasn’t really shown anything this year.

Pettis could well be the #1 or #2 for the Giants by halftime, if not out of the gate. Today they’re playing Pettis, Slayton/Ross (both deep threat guys who are coming off injuries) and Colin Johnson (even further down the pecking order than Pettis).

I don’t like this call, I don’t think Pettis is particularly good, and his floor is probably zero…but I do think he’ll have ample opportunity this week. Just sayin’