Starting or waiting one more week!

This one is tough! At least for me.

Full PPR- 10 Team League- 2 Flex spots and they don’t have to be JUST TE’s. It can be RB, WR, or TE.

It looks from the most recent news that there is a positive trend that Ja’Mar Chase will be going to play. I took a huge hit, With Mike Williams last week. Which is why I am hesitant on starting Chase.

My options are ( For the one Flex spot I need filled. ) Pickens, who has been showing consistency, and Christian Watson, who shows that would be a boom or bust. He is Hot in the redzone and to me it seems like the last 3 games he has been relied on. However, they play against the Eagles D.
Treylon Burks, ( not to sure yet, I rather wait maybe one more week, if I needed him as an option. )
Donte Foreman, ( Bust, he isn’t good except against the Division. AT BEST ) and last but not least, Nico Collins.

I am starting- Hurts, Taylor, started Stevenson, Waddle, Metcalf, Etienne Jr, Myers, Niners D.

I have Williams who is Q ( I am sitting him. )
I have Chase ( trend showing that he will start. )


Young Guns Burks and Watson have very tuff match ups with Williams needing a week. Chase over Pickins.

So you have Chase over Pickens even though Chase having that hurt hip, just got off his crutches I think Monday?
Pickens has been showing consistency, BUT If Chase play’s, he is going against one of the weakest D’s when it comes to WR’s.

Bd, thanks for overstating the obvious of what I have posted. JK/lol. I think he will score more easily as opposed to Pickins who has to work for his targets with Johnson who has not earned them.

I would not argue if you took Pickins who is a coming star…

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Ha ha. Appreciate the advice.

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