Need a WR for Week 14

Half-PPR league, need to start 2 WRs. Ja’Marr Chase is a safe start, but then it gets dicey. My options are:

Amari Cooper - he is questionable and could be a game-time decision or worse. Plus he looked terrible last week, as did the entire Deshaun-led Browns offense.

Gabe Davis - tough matchup against the 3rd best passing defense, and he’s a hit-or-miss player anyway.

Josh Palmer - Keenan Allen and Mike Williams will both be active, but that seemed to be a good thing for Palmer recently.

Jakobi Meyers - he’s still in concussion protocol, and didn’t look like he was at 100% in the weeks before, either.

George Pickens - disappeared completely last week.

Diontae Johnson - didn’t practice recently, and still hasn’t scored a TD yet.

D.J. Chark - he looked electric last week, and now plays agains the worst passing defense. I am seriously tempted to take a gamble on him.

Looks like I need to add another WR in next year’s draft…

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I tend to agree with your Week 14 assessment–11 targets, 114 yards and a TD in the last 2 games for a resurgent Lions team makes Chark an attractive option.

Chark could be best but Jameson may take targets away. I would go with Davis.

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Tough one. It would be a coin flip for me between
Pickens- usually after high profile receivers throw a tantrum on the sideline they get fed the next week

Palmer. Everyone seems healthy and he has a good relationship with Herbert as of late.

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Chark and Palmer…if Dionte does not play, then Pickens over Palmer

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If Cooper plays, Cooper starts, period. He is clearly above this group of WR’s. Note that he did get 9 targets last week from Watson, so Watson isn’t afraid to go his way.

Chark is the gamble, and I like it here, based on opponent. Note, with Jameson Williams playing again, this could flop big time. But I’d still take the shot, because the Lions may take their time with Williams.

If Cooper isn’t playing, I would gamble on Pickens as well. This is strictly a talent call. Pickens is clearly the talent in this group. @August12 made a good argument too.


If Cooper is out…maybe D Peoples Jones would be an option but I would not play him over Pickens…

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Maybe… if I had him… :wink:

Always a catch, GODDAMNIT! :slight_smile:

So I went with Chark, despite Cooper being active.

2nd best call I made this week, right after scooping up Chris Moore and throwing him into the lineup in another league. :sunglasses: