Champ week. Need help on who to start

As of rn I have cordarrelle Patterson in at WR, not sure if I should bench him for Russell gage, Darnell Mooney or devante Parker. Who do you think will do a better job?

Atlanta has a brutal matchup at Buffalo. I’d bench Patterson and Gage. Parker is risky because Waddle is such a target hog and Titans have a decent defense. I’d roll with Mooney against a woeful Giants team.


Ok, thanks for the advice! Was thinking about Mooney a lot

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I have both Gage and Patterson. I think Patterson gives more upside (both receiving and running). Neither has been productive lately, I suppose because Atlanta as a team sucks. By the way, my other option is to play Duke Johnson (instead of Gage - am I crazy? Finals weekend for me.)

@BSMU I have them both on different teams. I’m avoiding starting either if I can. I just dont think Atlanta is going to be able to move the ball against Buffalo because the Falcons suck and so does the weather.

Right around kickoff is when temperatures will continue to fall as snow moves out. Temperatures will be hanging around the mid 20s and factor in a northwest wind around 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 20 and it will feel like the upper teens or low 20s.

Duke Johnson? Yeah I think I’d start Gage over Johnson. Johnson had the one big game against the Jets. He isn’t involved in the passing game and the Dolphins have shown little ability to run the ball.

Never did one of these chat forums. If you had to pick two of three in 1/2 PPR between Tyreek Hill (three of four games single digits, plus weather not great in Cincy) St. Brown of Detroit or DAndre Swift in his first game back after an injury. Who would you choose?

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@makovskyd St. Brown has been fire last four games with a good matchup against Seattle. Swift’s lower body is fresh and healthy he could have a big receiving game.

I’d go with Swift and St. Brown.

We had an interesting conversation about Hill this week here Pick 3 Receivers - #7 by akseahawkfan

Thanks for your thoughts on this. Much appreciated.

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