WR query - Week 11 Full PPR - 10 team

With both Amari Cooper out and D Hopkins trending towards not playing, I need to make decisions for 2 WR spots for week 11.?? I am 5-5 in a must win situation for making the playoffs.

Christian Kirk
Mike Williams
Emmanual Sanders
Elijah Moore

Kirk is risky, Kyler still questionable, matchup average.
Williams is risky, hasn’t delivered in 4 straight weeks. Chargers offense looks off. Matchup okay.
Sanders is risky, hasn’t delivered in 3 straight weeks. Bills seem to be back in track, matchup is good.
Elijah Moore is risky. Good recent performance, but we don’t know if he’ll connect with Flacco. Matchup is great.
Aiyuk is risky. Recent performances were shaky, though he seems to be trending up. Matchup is good.
Claypool is risky. Hasn’t performed well so far. Looks like Big Ben will start, but will that help? Matchup isn’t good.

Congrats, you’ve got the choice between 6 risky options. :sweat_smile:

I’d rule out Mike Williams and Chase Claypool. Kirk is an option only if Kyler plays.

Sanders, Moore and Aiyuk are the best (or least worst) options here. I’d probably roll with Moore and Aiyuk.

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Ok thanks…all options are coin flips.

ZakHH already did a great overview of the choices so I won’t be redundant. I do come to a different conclusion however.

I’d roll with Kirk and Williams.

Even if McCoy is under center Kirk will be the primary receiver with Hopkins out. He should be a decent volume play.

Williams has been a disappointment, but I think they are going to make a concerted effort to get him the ball. to help right the ship.

I agree with Kirk…also, it seems like quite a few key defensive pieces will be out for the Steelers this week…Hope Mike gets the job done.

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