Marquez Callaway = WR3?

Convince me I shouldn’t start Callaway over Tyrell Williams, Sterling Shepard, Russel Gage or Bryan Edwards!

Typically sites require a RB in the RB3 slot, so I’m not sure which WR will rush for the most yards.

Crap - corrected. You caught me napping!

Edwards is the only one that would warrant any serious consideration over Callaway, but I can’t even recommend him for game 1.

Its to early to tell but Russel Gage would be my next in line. I think your fine with running him. He looked awesome in the preseason. Winston is going to throw a million times regardless of which team he is throwing to.


I read a stat about Michael Thomas averaging approximately 11 targets a game for the Saints. If Callaway gets just 75% of that as the WR1 then he’s a weekly start as 7-8 targets would be about 127 for the full season. Personally I believe the Saints won’t be as good without Brees and will likely wind up throwing more.
Williams and Shepard have no literally no upside and have never really had those kind of numbers. Edwards could be good, but I’d wait to see it first. Gage could be a consideration as he got a ton of targets even with Julio Jones there. Pitts will get most, but not all of the Jones targets, so there could be a little more volume for Gage and Atlanta should be behind a lot and throwing.

For me, based purely on volume, I’d start Callaway or Gage. But Callaway has the highest potential point total in my eyes.

I’d take it on a week-by-week basis, streaming the best of Callaway, Gage, or Edwards based on the matchup, at least until one proves they are worthy of an every week start. For week 1, Gage has the best matchup against Philly. Start him first.