Would you Trade Stroud?

Would you do this trade in a 2 QB league

I send
CJ Stroud

They send
Jared Goff
Pick 1

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Is this a keeper or dynasty? I can’t send away Stroud for anything. I just can’t.

It’s a deep keeper league.

Keep 12 a year.

So you wouldn’t do it?

Where is the pick? Info is part of advice.

It’s in the initial comment

It’s pick 1 and Goff



Ok, thanks. My mistake I just read a 1 pick

I would want to wait for the landing spots to see the value of the pick.
If no can do, I agree with Ed to pass.

That’s a hard pass, even if the pick is 1.01, because if it’s that deep a keeper league, I’m guessing there aren’t going to be many QBs lurking around, and Stroud’s floor is higher than Goff’s ceiling, not to mention keeping in future years.

You need to look beyond the surface value of trades. For example,
if the pick is 1.01 another team may be in love with Harrison and offer a better deal than is on the table now.

I always try to look at all aspects before making or taking a deal.

He is now offering pick 1.01 and pick 1.03 for Stroud.

I feel like that’s a ton of value I win. I could end up with Williams and either MHJ/Maybe/Nabers.

Whats your thoughts ?

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Ok, those picks are worth it.

This is what I spoke of. Take it!

Yeah, okay, I take it back. That’s a hell of a deal.