What do you do with the 1.01?

Having the 1.01 in your Dynasty or Devy League draft is an enviable position to be in – but sometimes, you’re better off trading that pick and building quantity over quality.

Are any of you dead set against dealing the top pick in your rookie drafts? Or is the shop always open?

I will always sell an assets if the price is right. For me personally, the 1.01 is more valuable this year than any other year because of how good TLaw has been and for how long

Really depends on your league settings and your team makeup. In a Superflex I’m probably keeping the 1.01 if I need help at QB. In a 1 QB league more often than not I’m looking at trading down unless I have an immediate need at RB.

I’m in this situation in a dynasty (1QB, 1/2 PPR) start up. We already drafted veterans and the rookie draft is coming up. The biggest challenge I’m looking at is that our commish setup this maiden rookie draft to be a snake with a 3rd round reversal. So, I’m looking at the 1.01, the 2.12, 3.12, 4.01, and 5.12. At this point, I’m not too crazy about anyone outside of the 1.01 and no one in the league is looking to trade at this point. I’m thinking of taking Harris/ETN/Chase as the 1.01 and then trying to trade for 2022 and 2023 picks after the league gets up and running. Thoughts?

Like most I’m always willing to listen. Truly, depends on my needs and if I can get a player I want in later rounds. Personally I don’t know if Trevor goes in the first 7 picks in my 10 person league. There are so many good QBs, QB is not a need in our league.