Burrow and mixon for chase and swift

In my ridiculous 8 team 2 qb standard scoring league I lost trey lance and I need help. My bro offered me burrow and mixon for swift and chase. I already have Chubb and Aaron jones at rb and kupp and deebo at wr (did I mention we also can keep 3 players each year and I nailed the draft last year?). I like swift more than mixon but there’s probably not much of a difference there. I’d hate to give up chase since I can keep him for an 8th round pick next year but my only options at qb are like Goff or garoppolo and my bench is still stacked.

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It won’t help your team if you solve 1 problem by creating 2 new ones. By giving up Swift, you’ll lose the currently hottest candidate for this year’s RB#1 crown. With Chase, you’d give up a top 5 candidate for years to come.

And for what? Replacing Lance with Burrow instead of Goff or Jimmy G? Can we even be sure that Burrow will be better than them this year? The Bengals’ o-line is still a swiss cheese, so it looks like Burrow will play under constant pressure the entire season.

Goff looked rock solid so far. He could be a high-end QB2 this year, and I don’t think Burrow will be a lot more.

Keep Swift and Chase, and get Goff as a replacement for Lance. Or even Jimmy G, who was a mid-range QB2 last year and shouldn’t be a lot worse now.

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Gotta agree with @ZakHH. Burrow is currently QB23. You can do better on the waiver wire. Goff is an excellent solution. Carson Wentz (currently QB6) is only rostered in 53% of leagues, so you might be able to get him too.


Agree with above, not worth it.