Will The Older Guys Come Through in Playoffs?

Many everywhere questioned older and injury prone players like Henry, McCaffrey, Ekeler and the like saying they would not be first round picks.,

Then came the draft and they were taken on top and have performed like they should ad overall top picks. Will this continue?

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I’m guessing they do. This is their time and when they step up. This is what makes it so difficult to move on from them.

Move on too early and you look foolish. Move on too late and you look the same.

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Just looking at the 3 players you listed, Ekeler has never really taken the kind of punishment that Henry and CMC have. Yes, Ekeler is getting older, but he hasn’t played recklessly like those other two.

Of Henry and CMC, I lean towards CMC, only because the 49ers have seemed to cut his snap count, probably to keep him healthy.

As for Henry, I’d worry about him. He’s had two single digit games in the past 4 weeks. Is he wearing down? Possibly.

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Agree. Point is will managers see them as top players for next season?

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Undoubtedly. People tend to ride the horse until it collapses.

In dynasty, you sometimes have no other choice. I tried to sell Ekeler this offseason, and no manager showed the slightest interest. Today, I’m certainly happy about it. But considering that his market value will not be any higher next season, I probably will keep him until he becomes entirely unstartable.

Redraft is a different story of course. The only reason I have a share in Henry is because he slipped to the middle the second round in the South Beach league, and that was too much value to pass on then.

Would I draft Ekeler or Henry in the first round next year? Oh hell no.

The off season last year was somewhat comical. Everyone was done with these older and oft injured players. It was time to move on. Enough was enough.

Then comes the draft and it is the same old names as top picks.

Then comes the season and it is the same old names leading the stats.

When will it end? As a Miami Phinatic I had Brady over and done with for 5-6 years before I got tired of hearing myself and gave it up.

Today’s athletes are a different breed. They make a ton of money and take care of themselves to keep cashing those HUGE checks. Long gone are the days of Max McGee who had a great Super Bowl with a hang over. lol

This is why I believe most managers will keep their top players which is great for me with two first rounders.

Zak, I remember Henry falling and had two chances at him. In hindsight my team would have been better with him but I do not regret my picks and plan.

The question is would you keep a first round Ekeler in our league. I’m pretty sure Tim will be doing that.

If you look at Ekeler’s numbers, it looks like two seasons separated by a bye week. Before the bye, he was super hot, including three 30+ point games. After the bye week, he got one 20 point game, and then just tailed off from there. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with all the injuries on the Chargers, but now that people are getting healthy, will Ekeler bounce back? If he does, then he might still be a 1st round pick. Although, with Keenan Allen and Mike Williams getting older, you have to wonder.

Tuff choices with much football to be played. IF top picks are dropped how far will they go in our draft? Third, fourth, lower? Gonna be fun.

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