Superflex PPR keeper as #1 overall

So I’m gonna keep Ekeler for my 2nd rounder, which is great at #24 overall but as for my #1 OVR do I roll the dice on CMC being healthy or take Josh Allen if he isn’t kept? Starting with CMC and Ekeler could be fantastic for obvious reasons and I get the 1st pick of the 3rd round and hopefully Lamar or Hurts is still sitting there.

Who else is available?

I wouldn’t take a QB #1 overall, even in a Superflex league, so I guess it’s CMC if guys like Henry, Taylor and Jefferson are kept.

Yeah Taylor is sure to be kept. Jefferson is not though. The temptation to go CMC & Ekeler in a PPR and going BPA after that is so tempting.

I’d probably go Jefferson then. CMC is a little too risky for my taste as a #1 overall pick, but if you trust his health, it’s not a horrible decision.

The plus side of having an elite WR and an elite RB is that if you’re planning to draft BPA after that, at least you can look at both RBs AND WRs in the 3-4-5 rounds. If you have two RB keepers, you’ll probably have to pass up any falling RB values in favor of getting your WRs–so having Jefferson and Ekeler to start with makes you more flexible in the next few rounds than having two RBs already.

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While Axel Foley’s suggestion of taking Jefferson isn’t based on anything you said, I would remain open to the possibility of taking a WR and wait for an RB later. CMC just shouldn’t be a first round gamble.

Axually, it was based on him saying that Jefferson would not be kept.

Read the first two posts in this thread. You brought JJ up before he did. How is that?

Because when I brought up Henry, Taylor or Jefferson, I did not know who was being kept–I was listing players I would draft over CMC.

Based on him telling me that Taylor would be kept, but Jefferson would be available, I suggested Jefferson.

You brought up JJ out of the blue. Even if it was logical, that doesn’t make it justified,.

Other options are Diggs for my 2nd and take CMC or Ekeler #1 OVR, Elijah Mitchell for free practically(15th rounder) and take one of the stud RBS 1st overall. Then my tandem RB’s would be 1 ofCMC/Ekeler & Mitchell… and my 24th and 25th picks could be best WR & QB. Hell of a start to a draft!!!

Ekeler is easy and I go Allen #1 in a Superflex.

And if Allen is being kept(unsure of all keepers as of right now) what do you think is the move?

I have no faith in CMC and would look to trade if he is my only option.

Understand you are asking me to answer a question with very limited info.
It ain’t easy. :slight_smile:

I brought him up out of the blue. I suggested drafting him based on the information provided by the OP.

Not sure why this is such a difficult (or critical) issue for you…?

It could just be hell if Trey Sermon continues to make a case to be the 49ers starting RB.

Day 11 Link

Day 12 Link

Also Day 12 Link

Boy this aged like milk, huh?


And he did not.

Axe Elf warned of a developing situation that potentially affected the OP’s starting lineup, the situation ameliorated itself.

Peter King of NBC, on the other hand, is probably having to defend why he shouldn’t be fired, after declaring Sermon the 49ers #2 RB a week ago or so.

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I must confess, Peter King is worthless for fantasy info. He’s interesting, but it ends there.