Changing of the Guard

Crazy year has seen the stars of resent history like Ekeler, Kupp, Henry and others fall off. Others, out or nowhere, have raised the roof like Puka, Tank, Achane, etc.

This has wreaked havoc in fantasy leagues and analysts trying to keep pace. Rules and exceptions are the same.

How will this work in the playoffs? Will the elders get a second wind?

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You take the “What have you done for me lately?” view. The last 4 weeks are far more valuable than what they did last year, or even the last week.

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I did ask if they will get a second wind.

How has Henry fallen off? He’s just getting a little less touches than before and because of that his TD pace is down, but he’ll still pro-bowl.

Henry’s last two games were VG. However, before that he had 4 bad games out of 10. He is a good RG 2/3 but not pro bowl.

Did you vote for the pro bowl? You might be surprised of the 6 options they allow you to pick at RB; Henry is usually the last one in. No one’s killing it this year at RB (except for the first picked overall) because of injuries, etc. He’s had three 100 rushing yard games this year - five 100+ AP yd games - and has scored four times in the last 2 weeks (which makes up half of his season scores). He could easily approach a dozen touchdowns by seasons end. This year he held his value to the second round behind those three big (typically) 2nd round WRs in Brown, Diggs and Lamb.

I had Henry in 2 leagues, traded in one and still have in the other. I believed he had a good year left IF you did not have to count on him and he paid off very well. Also, in 8 and 10 keeper leagues elders are cheap. I paid a 6th and got him off waivers but he costs a 2nd to keep.

That said, his scoring has been very good last 3 weeks but the play is not what it was. Just my view.