Who to start this week

Hello guys . Thanks for all your help last week

Non PPR League

Pick 2 : hopkins @jags : game time decision : thats why he is here

T Patrick vs jets
T Sermon vs GB

L Murray at det

C Davis @ denver

J Waddle at LV

need pick two of these . I was thinking hopkins and sermon and if hopkins does not play then Davis .

the positions are one flex and one WR so cannot pick two RBS

so need a backup plan for hopkins :

and flex guy

Yeah, Davis if not Hopkins, but I’d probly trust Murray more than Sermon at flex this week.

If Hopkins can’t go…

Murray and Patrick are the matchup picks, but Davis and Waddle are the talent picks. Taking one from each group limits your downside, and gives you some upside. Since two of them are in the same game (Patrick and Davis), I’d only pick one from there, and Davis would be the pick since the Jets should have a pass heavy game plan.

For Murray or Waddle, I lean towards Murray, only because it’s Detroit, and it’s not a PPR league.

I am completely ignoring Sermon until he proves he is the 49ers main back.