Week 3 - Full PPR flex query

For a 10 team PPR league, who should I start in Flex??

K J Osborne
Zach Pascal
Christian Kirk (if Hopkins does not play??)

Well DEFINITELY Kirk if Hopkins doesn’t play. I dunno if I trust Osborn to be a regular producer yet, so I’d probly start Pascal.

Thanks a lot!! Any rest of season stashes out of these??

Kirk if Hopkins doesn’t play, but I’m not betting on that yet. Otherwise, it depends on whether you need upside or safe points? For upside, play Ruggs. For safe points, I’d go with Osborne.

I don’t know what your TE situation is, but Hockenson is a great stash for a backup (I can only imagine who you’re starting with Hockenson on your bench).

I’m not sold on Pascal, or Indy in general. Until he strings together a series of solid games, I’m not biting on him yet.

Should I drop Shenault for Cordarelle Patterson full ppr in my league Patterson can be RB or WR dual eligibility. Thanks for your help.

Ok… since this is a 10 team PPR league, all teams are competitive… my lineup is

QB: Kyler Murray
RB: Zeke
RB: Mixon
WR: Hopkins
WR: Amari Cooper
Flex: Mike Williams
DST: Panthers
K: Gano

Bench: Aiyuk, Osborne, Gaskin, Hockenson

Waivers: Pascal, Raegor, Ruggs, C. Kirk, Chark, Mooney

If Hopkins and Cooper do not play, what would be good pickups/replacements??


I love me some Patterson! I have to say yes.

If you have to bench Hopkins and Cooper, I’d use Osborne from your bench, and drop Raegor and replace him with Mooney.

I know the temptation is to replace Raegor with Kirk as a handcuff to Hopkins, but I like Mooney as more of a long-term replacement. Ruggs is not a bad alternative either, but I think Mooney will be a bit more consistent.

Ok thanks for the advice…am wondering if I should drop Aiyuk?

Tough call. I am thankful I don’t have him on any of my teams. My best answer is: In dynasty, absolutely not. In a redraft, you just have to look at what’s available on the waiver wire. In your case, I’d consider dropping him for Mooney or Chark.

Yeah…drafted Mostert and Aiyuk. really frustating so far with the 49ers situation overall.

I made a nice offer for Trey Lance yesterday, and the guy rejected it, and I’m almost thankful he did. The 49ers are a fantasy nightmare right now.

Absolutely…Patterson is a good pick probably ROS!!

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I love Patterson, if you can get him. He won’t set the league on fire, but he is so efficient with the touches he gets. Fun to watch too.

I have lost mcaffrey and my other Rbs are Henderson (injured), damien Harris and singletary should I drop Shenault for Gainwell. 12 team league not much option on waiver wire and I don’t have priority next week so most likely won’t get Hubbard.

I think ayiuk will eventually be good I have him and am giving him a couple more weeks and then will cut bait. He had a hamstring injury so I think that is why he has struggled.

I’d run with Harris and Singletary until Henderson gets healthy. If you can pick up Gainwell, go ahead.