Help with my Flex

10 team PPR. My RB’s are Miles Sanders and Dalvin Cook. WR’s are Jaylen Waddle and Terry McLaurin.

Who do I start at Flex between DeAndre Hopkins (@Den) and Joe Mixon (@TB).

I would not start Waddle this week. Miami is missing half their o-line, and ever since they lost both their tackles, their passing game has changed, and not in Waddle’s favor. Plus, this looks to be a snow game. Waddle could be a complete bust one again this week, like he was in the last 2.

D-Hop is a terrible start this week, too, as he’s without his QB and plays against one of the 3 best defenses in the league. I’d still start him over Waddle, though.

So I’d start:
RB: Sanders, Cook
WR: D-Hop, McLaurin
FLEX: Mixon

Alternatively, check if Chris Moore is available on your waiver wire. If he is, I’d consider him over D-Hop. Both Cooks and Collins look like they are done for the season, making Moore the WR1 in Houston, a role he played very well last week. And his remaining schedule looks as good as it can get.

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