Who to start among these stars

Thanks guys for your help last week and got a win last week

Standard league :

I need start 2 RB , 2 WR and one flex

My RB Options :
Gaskin playing lowly jets : good matchup
Montgomery playing bal : vol based
R Stevenson : now harris is playing so ?
Ingram : kamara may be back

My WR options :

Diggs : must start
C Davis : flaco starting
Waddle : playing the jets
D Hopkins : not practicing still

So what u guys think

I was thinking : Montgomery, gaskin as my RB . Waddle and diggs as my WR .
Flex : stevenson or Ingram ??? Idk

Im confused so please help guys

Need 2 WR 2 RB 1 flex in standard league

Thanks in advance

I agree with your starters. I’d usually not start both Gaskin and Waddle in the same week (I know we both regretted it last week). But I’ll also do it again this week. The Jets are too tempting as an opponent.

Stevenson is a risky start. Tons of upside after last week, but Belichick isn’t known to do what everybody expects of him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Stevenson disappearing again.

I’d probably prefer Ingram on the flex, even if Kamara is playing.

Hopkins is an option, but only if both he and Kyler are active.

Davis could actually work with Flacco, but it would be an extreme gamble to count on it.

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I agree. Sadly, in both my leagues I have to play Stevenson due to bye/injuries/inactive, and he is what I have left in a deep league. So I just cross my fingers, close my eyes, and pray for the best! At least it is a juicy matchup against the Falcons.

I would start Waddle and Diggs (and in one of my leagues, I am!).

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Well I also agree and the matchup is very good but then again its a Thursday night game . I think lets gamble on Stevenson and hope for the best . Im hoping for a high scoring blow out game for pats so that he has enough garbage time chances :grin:

Thanks for your comments and wish u good luck this week

Cheers !