Who start at flex

Well here it what comes down to : who I start at flex

C davis playing pats : afraid of rookie qb

L murray vs KC

J waddle vs bills

T Patrick at jags

standard league

who is the best of this lost ? Thanks in advance

good luck all

Assuming “standard league” means non-PPR scoring, I’d go with Murray. You know the Ravens want to control the ball against the Chiefs–and the others are all WRs.

I know he’s a rookie, but Wilson has been targeting and looking for Davis consistently. I think he’s the best bet out of this group.

The only problem with Murray here is he’s in an RBBC with Williams. You saw what Derek Carr did to the Ravens pass defense? Expect Mahomes to do as good or better.

This begs the question of which WR can put up the most yards and/or td’s? The Bills and Patriots’ pass defenses were brutal last week, so avoid Waddle and Davis. However, keep in mind that Patrick is at best a WR2 with Jeudy out. But that still might be a safer play.

So Patrick is the “safe” play. On the other hand, Davis and Waddle both present more upside due to their unique status with their QB’s. They could do well in spite of a tough matchup, based on TD’s alone. I would lean towards Waddle for upside potential due to his long-time experience with Tua.

Basically, this is your choice: Safe points with Patrick, or potential upside with Waddle.

That’s not what “begging the question” means.

The pedant strikes again!

It’s a cliche. Deal with it. If you want to argue football with me, feel free. If you are going to pick apart how I say things, you know what you can do, right?

Thanks so much everyone for ur inputs

Good luck sll

You shouldn’t think of it as being “picked apart”; you should think of it as being educated with the goal of lifting you up to a higher standard.

“Begging the question” is a logical fallacy in which the conclusion is assumed as a premise.

So kind of you! If it wasn’t for the purpose of inflating your ego, I might feel warmed by your generosity…