Who to start at flex?

Yahoo 12man H2H PPR.

Need one of these guys at the flex,

Brandon Aikuk, Robby Anderson, Javonte Williams, Tim Patrick. L. Murray

I’d keep an eye on Aiyuk’s status, but Anderson isn’t a bad backup plan.

Murray intrigues me here. He didn’t have huge production, but he’d only been on Baltimore’s roster for a few days, and he still looked good. Also, KC tends to be a little weak against the run.

Aiyuk is a big mystery. Avoid him until we see WTH is going on on SF.

Anderson is a possibility, but the way NO curb stomped GB has to be a worry.

Patrick isn’t a consideration above Anderson.

Williams is still locked in an RBBC with Melvin Gordon. While he’s a decent flex option, Murray might be better in Baltimore’s injury-riddled backfield. If you were asking me this for the long-term, I’d go with Williams, but in the one week perspective, Murray looks better.

I’m new to forums, bear with me.

Optimized line up in Fantasy pros for custom league, with QB/TE/WR/RB flex spot chooses
Darrell Henderson Jr 88% over Jimmy Garropolo 0 %, but Start sit advice is Jimmy Garropolo 98% vs Darrell Henderson 2%. Any ideas why the discrepancy? It is a custom CBS sports league, that’s the only thing I can think of. Either way, thinking Garropolo is best choice for Week 2? I also have Trey Lance ready to take over eventually (missed the boat on my second quarterback in the draft)

In FP, the projections show Jimmy G. with a 3 point lead over Henderson. For this one week, I would take Jimmy G., but both of them are facing tough defenses. Even Philly made Atlanta’s pass offense look silly, so Jimmy could have a rough game, and Matt Ryan is a much better QB than Jimmy. With this small differential, Jimmy has a roughly 55% chance of a better game. That is a more realistic percentage difference.

Robby is the upside play here with Javonte being a bit of a floor play. 50% of touches against Jacksonville should lead to potentially good production.