Who to Pick w 2nd Pick in keeper league

2 QB, half pt ppr, my keepers are Cook, Barkley (worries of not healthy), Waller. I have second pick and the choices will most likely be the following:

Ekeler - ppr stud and can play him in the flex spot or fill in for Barkley if still not ready
A Rodgers - Going to be lights out this year again
J Herbert - Dynasty league and he’s ready to break out
DK Metcalf - Beast but hardest schedule
AJ Brown - Is Jones taking some of his balls?

Yep, Ekeler. And I’m no particular fan of Ekeler, either, but you simply have no one better.

In a 2 QB dynasty league, the obvious pick is Herbert. You already have 2 RB’s, although granted Barkley is on his downside.

If Ekeler is the best you can get in the 1rst round, it’s better to look later for a rookie stud. If Najee falls to you, I’d grab him. If not, maybe look at Javonte Williams or Michael Carter?

Well yeah, obviously. He din’t list Najee as an option, however.

First of all, it’s not a dynasty league, it’s a keeper league–so with options like Cook, Barkley and Waller, he won’t be keeping any QBs for the foreseeable future. And secondly, it’s the 2nd overall pick in the draft–you don’t want to waste it on a QB. I probly wouldn’t even be looking to a QB in the 2nd round, but maybe with that early 3rd pick you still get a Stafford/Cousins type.

Great QB’s are more valuable in 2 QB or superflex leagues. It’s a simple fact. And you can draw the fine line between dynasty and keeper all day long, but the 2 QB factor still dominates it: You still have to start two players at the one position that generates more points than ANY position available. If he listens to you, he’ll be starting Daniel Jones (and yes, I am holding you to that recommendation from the other thread).

Axually, it’s just the opposite. And here’s why.

In a single-QB league, your Mahomes or Dak gives you a huge advantage, because they will score 6-7 more points per week than most other QBs. In a 2 QB league, your QB score is no longer dependent on just one guy, but an average across TWO QBs. Having Mahomes and Darnold is functionally equivalent to having Cousins and Ryan.

Sure, if you can get Mahomes AND Dak, you’ll enjoy a positional advantage at QB, but the draft capital you’d have to expend to get 2 of the top 5 QBs in the NFL would leave the rest of your team pretty hamstrung. I would guess you’ll lose a lot of the 10-12 point per week advantage you gained at QB by having subpar RBs and WRs.

So really it’s better to run around scooping up the falling studs than try to compete with the alpha stooges killing themselves to get QBs in that Superflex/2QB draft.

And what’s wrong with starting the QB6?

You do realize in keeper and dynasty leagues it is quite possible to have drafted 2 of the top QB’s over time? Without hamstringing yourself either?

In addition, top RB’s have short career spans at peak productivity. Two top QB’s can play for a decade, or longer.

But I am not saying kill yourself to get top QB’s. I am saying to respect the position.

Sure, but we’re talking about drafting QBs in this thread–and like I said in a previous post in it, with only 3 keepers and options like Cook, Barkley and Waller, he’s not going to be keeping QBs anyway for the foreseeable future.

In this thread, talking about drafting QB’s in a KEEPER LEAGUE? Pay attention.

Drafting QBs in a keeper league where he won’t be keeping any QBs.

Just because you don’t keep QB’s doesn’t mean you don’t draft them. And he might decide to keep one next year.

He might, but I’m going to assume that he will do the right thing instead.

And if the QB he drafts has a blowout year? Nope, he can’t keep him, cause AxeElf said not to.

I mean if he can’t manage to scrape together 3 skill players worth keeping over the course of the season, fine, keep a QB. But it would be sort of like keeping a K or a D.