4th pick in keeper league

I have 4th pick full PPR league. A league mate dropped Trevor Lawrence whom is ranked #7 in dynasty rankings, should I draft him or one of the rookie QB. My only QB is Justin Herbert.

I myself would take Lawrence, we’ve seen his improvements over the past couple of years, Rookies are all still unproven.

You’re giving no info to base a decision.

If it’s not a huge league or a superflex league and you already have Herbert I’m not sure why you would draft another QB at all, let alone another premium QB.

12 team 1QB, PPR, like I said I have Herbert.

12 team 1QB league. My thought because of injury, bad matchups and bye week, I was thinking getting one of the rookie Quarterbacks anyways.

In this size league, those are things that can usually be dealt with as you come to them, rather than needing to plan for them in the draft.




12 team 1QB, PPR, like I said I have Herbert.

The size of the league means nothing. How many keepers? What are other options? What are your roster needs? ETC.

I have Herbert in my 10 keeper hybrid. I am watching Richardson and, if he looks to start early, would add him as my backup. If he is not starting I’m looking for the best week 5 match up for a 2nd tier QB (Herbert’s bye).

Are you in construction or just under it?