1 last SuperFlex Keeper post before my draft this weekend. Please read and vote

So I’ve asked a few times about what to do but here is my scenario. I have the #1OVR pick in my upcoming draft in my 12 team PPR Keeper league. Allen, Henry, JT are guys I considered but are being kept. After debating my keeper pick of Mitchell for my 15th rounder or Ekeler for my 2nd I decided Ekeler is too good to pass up on with my 24th pick. I was really hoping to get Allen or JT but knew the probability of them being kept was very high and I was proven correct on that so now I have a choice. Flop my dong on the table and go CMC and hope to get Lamar or Hurts with my 25th OVR pick and build my WR corps starting at the 4/5 turn (49th & 49th picks). After a bunch of mocks it seems like a good shot 1 or both of Sutton and Cooks is still sitting there and I could do worse than that to round out my starters. But I could pivot and go with Kupp/JJ and have the balance and flexibility to let the board fall to me without forcing anything. The idea of a HEALTHY CMC and Ekeler duo makes me salivate but comes with a very real risk obviously and while I’m not at all risk averse in fantasy #1OVR is a ballsy time to risk your biscuit. So instead of flip flopping every few hours like I have been I’ll leave it up to the fellow readers/posters here. It’s a high stakes, competitive league so no pressure but please be 100% accurate and assure me no injuries happen Hahaha
TL;DR: CHOOSE MY #1 OVR PLAYER. I am keeping Ekeler at #24 so I have a stud RB locked in. Vote below with your reasoning please and I WILL draft the most voted player.

  • CMC
  • Kupp
  • Jefferson
  • Herbert
  • Mahomes
  • Lamar
  • Other: JT, Allen and Henry are unavailable

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Jefferson should be a quality keeper for years to come, and you’d have the consensus #1 PPR WR and a consensus top 5 PPR RB to anchor your team.

You haven’t mentioned Najee Harris. If he’s available, with Ekeler in a PPR league, you’d kill it!

Superflex league,I somehow failed to mention that. I’d have Harris as like my 7th option TBH considering the 3 QB’s I’m interested in, top 2 WR’s, CMC all available.

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Take Najee. He’ll stay healthy. CMC won’t.