Pick 2 Keepers!

12 team, non-ppr scoring, start QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / TE / FLEX / K / DST. We can keep up to 2 players from last years team depending on where they were drafted. I’m picking second overall and will be taking Dalvin Cook in round 1. My best keeper options are:

QB - Lamar Jackson - Round 12
QB - Justin Herbert - Round 14
RB - J.K. Dobbins - Round 3
RB - James Robinson - Round 14
WR - Diontae Johnson - Round 6


Herbert and Robinson.

This is an oddball case where I am going with the “keep him to keep him from your opponents”. I’d go with Jackson and Herbert. It gives you two top grade QB’s to stream all season, while keeping one of them away from your opponents. Both of them are super cheap values too.

To me, Dobbins and Johnson are either pricey or fair-value, but neither is a “must have”. Robinson has too many question marks. You can improve these positions in the draft.

How 'bout now…?

i agree- herbert and robinson

Smartass. You were saying about predicting injuries? If you took Robinson based on a healthy Etienne, that would have been foolish. Now, with the situation changed, you take Robinson, but with a keeper caveat: He may still have to deal with Etienne next year.

In the 5th round, maybe. Using a 14th on him as a keeper was pretty attractive even before the injury.

Herbert and Robinson for sure