Quick Keeper Discussion!

Hey all,

New to keeper league, but looking for some advice…I have the first overall pick this year in a superflex 2 QB league so I’m going to take Josh Allen. I will also already have Mixon as my primary keeper (4th rounder).

My Keeper options are as follows:

Justin Fields (Give up an 8th round pick)
Brandin Cooks (Give up a 9th round pick)
Elijah Moore (Give up a 17th round pick)

I was originally going to take Fields because QB’s are a high priority in this league, but the other guys are now on my radar…help!

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Welcome aboard!

I assume you can only keep one of those choices, so keeping Fields looks strong, with an outside shot at Moore, just because he’s cheap.

Thanks! Yes just one of those three…I’ve been trying to see if I could snag a better QB in the late second round, but I think Fields is the best option…

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In the Superflex QB frenzy, Fields is the choice and I expect him to step up this year.

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Hate to see you waste the #1 overall pick on a QB; would love to know who else you are eschewing in favor of this blunder.

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Read don’t post. Research and learn.

It’s a 2 QB, 12 Team points league. Last year most QBs were gone by round 3…normally I would not choose a QB 1st overall, but in this league I have to!

No, you don’t have to. That’s what the mob mentality makes you think.

The better strategy is to hang around picking up all the RB and WR studs who are falling through the cracks while the rest of the league scrambles over QBs. By the fourth or fifth rounds, everyone else’s panic will be satiated, and you’ll be able to casually pick QBs who will each score about 2-3 total points less per week than the guys your teammates sacrificed their seasons to acquire.

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I gotcha and you have to. I do not like these leagues but, ain’t the one playin in them and will help if I can.

That was my strategy last year and I finished in last place. I was loaded with studs at RB and WR and got stuck with Heineke and Mayfield after round 5. I understand how what you say would work most of the time, but in this particular league, most of the good qb’s are gone after the first.

I still feel like Fields and giving up my 8th is probably the best option. Appreciate the feedback!

Do not see a better choice other than “Get a New League.” I am recruiting. lol

You just picked the wrong late QBs–kind of like you are considering doing this year with Fields.

Mayfield was the QB14 in 2021 ADPs, which suggests that you drafted him over the likes of Cousins and Carr. And Taylor Heinecke? …had no ADP.

It appears you are more a victim of poor player evaluations than you are of strategy.

The problem with that strategy is the unpredictability of RB’s. QB’s can be consistent, but RB’s get hurt at the drop of a dime. When you can start more QB’s, you do, because you know they will bring the big points.


This guy…

I’d take SoBe’s advice.


Actually I’m looking for another if you have a spot!!

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Full disclosure: I’m much better at Fantasy MLB, but did finish #2 last year at NFL with more PF than anyone else in the league.

I understand your need for a first level QB1, but Fields seems far too risky for me to be your #1. What is the other QB you have?

PS: Aug 24/22, 8:45pm
Ooops! I misread/misremembered your situation. If Fields is your #2, you could hope to get a more stable QB (early) in the draft and then keeping Elijah Moore and only losing a late pick, thus giving you an earlier pick in the draft than many others.

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