Need 4 keepers, drafting 9 out of 10 in PPR and no Flex

10 team keeper league, PPR, No Flex, with limited quality RB’s available and I am drafting 9 on a snake draft.

I can only keep 4.
Who stays and who goes? Do I keep Herbert and Ekeler as a tandem? Or try my luck at picking one back up in the draft?

Justin Herbert
Austin Ekeler
DK Metcalf
Terry McLaurin
Julio Jones

In PPR, you’d keep Ekeler regardless. The rest of those keepers look good. If you drop anyone, I’d drop either Jones (injury risk) or Herbert (you can always grab a QB). Hope that helps.

If I were you, I’d keep everyone but Jones. But I’m not sure you can go wrong so long as you keep Ekeler.