Who to keep for a last round keeper

Mark Andrews or James Robinson as my last round keeper? Standard Scoring

I’m assuming you don’t have kickers or defenses? I usually reserve the last rounds for them.

Between those two, I’d take Robinson. I’m not a huge Andrews fan. TE is not what the Ravens are about, whereas Robinson will at least retain some 2-down value in JAX…

Yes we have Kickers and Def . But any waiver pickup up is a last round keeper (what ever round may be your last due to trades of picks)

Not sure I’d want to keep Andrews or Robinson. Honestly, a good K or DST would be more useful, if you can get one.

I still get a K or Def just will be a round earlier now.

You should be able to get a better prospect than those two? If you’re shooting for a keeper, how about some solid rookie?

I don’t think you understand. This is from my roster last year. we get 3 keepers per year. But lose the pick where they were chosen. Waiver pickups can as Round 15. I have Robinson and Andrews on my roster both are waiver pickups. I have one keeper left to pick. My decision is between those 2. I’m not drafting them or have other options. This is pre draft

Ah ok. In that case, I stick with Robinson.