Keeper Dilemma - PPR league

3 keeper league…I’m already keeping Harris and Swift.

TE premium league (1.5ppr for TEs) and also slight RB premium league (0.15/yd rushing vs. 0.12/yd receiving.

Which of these remaining options do you keep?



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Tough call. Based on your league description i would go Barkley for sure

Tough call either way on the other two as both are great.

If you have a high pick always a chance you pick up one

My hesitation with Barkley is that gives me 3 RBs (which is fine because we have a FLEX spot) but that does kind of force my draft a bit. I’m also a bit jaded with Barkley as he was a keeper last yr and we all know how that turned out :roll_eyes:

With these settings, you’re definitely going to want to flex a strong RB like Barkley, but if you just can’t stand to have Barkley on your team, Mark Andrews isn’t a bad choice under these settings either. He had 30 more receptions and 500 more yards than any TE not named Kelce last season–and their best WR left town in the offseason.

Welcome aboard!

I like Andrews here, especially with the TE premium. He is easily one of the best TE’s in the game, and likely hard to replace, since all of the elite TE’s will probably be kept.