Pick at 2 in Keeper league, 81 kept

Hi ,

In a 16 man league with 6 keeper max. 81 keepers kept this year. Picking at 1.2 and 1.5.

Top Ranked non keepers are Brandon Cook and Darnell Mooney. Pick at 3 kept 2 RB , 2 WR

Pretty sure Breece Hall will go at one.

Options at 2 - London , Mooney or B. Cook? Pierce?

Hoping to get either Damien Pierce or Ken Walker at 5 . Kept Jacobs, only RB.

Best option at not kept at RB other than that is Damien Harris.


Thanks for your help in advance.

It would be nice to know some information about your team and league, such as whether it uses PPR or standard scoring, what keepers you already have (other than Jacobs), etc.

Cook and Harris would likely be my targets, but I’d probly take Harris first due to positional scarcity (though full PPR scoring would make it closer).

Thanks for the quick reply, it is a half point PPR league.

My other keepers are Jaylen Hurts , Darren Waller and Mike Williams

Then Damien Harris it is for 1.2, and best available WR (Cooks?) at 1.5.

On the surface I would say Mooney, who I like but then you add that you have no RB’s. Will Mooney be a starter? What is the cost?

I have Jacobs as my only RB going into the draft. Mooney or Cooks would be a starter.

Pick at 3 has kept 2 RB , Pick at 4 has one RB.

WOW! I would not reach and go with the talent. I see it here as Mooney.

Sounds like you need a make over.