12 team standard league, 4 keepers, but you lose the pick in the round where the keeper player was picked

I can keep 4 of the players below. But lose the pick in this years draft. 4 of:

Devante Adams round 1

Austin Ekeler round 2

Breece Hall round 2

Mark Andrews round 5

Khalil Herbert round 10

Michael Pittman Jr. round 11

Cam Akers round 11

J.K. Dobbins round 12

Joe Burrow Round 13

Obviously, value is huge to keep the higher picks. I had a solid idea but going back and forth on a couple now. Who would you keep?

Of note, this league has been going on a few years.

Ekeler, Akers, Dobbins, Burrow. In a non-PPR league, RBs are worth more than receivers, and your QB is set.

Draft stud WRs in Rounds 1, 4 and 5, and draft Andrews back in the 3rd, and I like your chances.

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I like that play. I was thinking of keeping Andrews over Akers, but keeping Akers is better value and a nice play to draft Andrews in round 3.

Thank you