Keeper League Question (full ppr): Pittman in 11th or St Brown in 16th?

Full point PPR Keeper league
We can keep 3 players in the round they were selected last year - and we don’t get a draft pick during that round.

  • I’m already keeping Mark Andrews in the 6th and Swift in the 7th. Deciding between St Brown in 16th Round or Pittman in the 11th round.
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Good picks Michael. Continue with Pittman who is primed for a VG year.

Tuff for me to go for a WR with a bad QB on a bad team.

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Welcome aboard!

Got to agree with @SoBe717. Pittman is the play here, even if he is a little more expensive. Pittman in the 11th round is cheap.

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Pittman will have a monster season. Definitely a keeper.

Swift, Pittman and St. Brown is the correct answer.

You can get another TE in the draft.

Between those two, Pittman is the easy answer. I would actually keep St. Brown instead of Andrews, but not gonna go wrong if you decide to keep the more talented player in Andrews. I just think to return value, Andrews is going to have to get close to the career year he just had.

Completely disagree on St. Brown over Andrews. He is a good late value but project him as a WR 4.

Andrews top 2 at his position and I would say #1 past this year.

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Wait, what?

Amon-Ra as a WR4?


He was the #5 PPR WR over the second half of his rookie season, and he stayed with the same team and QB for year 2.

Thank you for your overly gracious disagreement. :slight_smile:

I watched some of his games as I had Hockenson and was not impresswd.
5 of 6 “Experts” have him as the #33 WR (other at 31) and 73 or later overall.

Guess we all missed him second half of last year, Good thing you are here. :slight_smile:

I would go with Pittman…he is going to have a BIG year I think!

Speak for yourself. Axe Elf drafted Amon-Ra St. Brown in 33 out of 60 leagues last year.

Herd dat.

And just a quick note on “experts.” Experts are the reason you get an “A” from the Draft Analyzer and finish 8th.

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The Elf is right here. I am writing a post now to elaborate on something I’ve noticed the experts doing wrong.

I don’t care if you drafted him 33 times and had nothing better to do but draft in 60 leagues, For me he is a WR 4. I have 4 better now and will have 5 after the draft and do not see any other teams I know wanting him before 4 if then.

I mention the experts as they agree with me here. You laff at my comment and blame them for teams finishing 8th and only offer a freak perfect storm of injury and score giving Brown more targets than anyone, save a couple, at the end of the year.

That’s over and not repeating. You are light years from as good as you think yourself to be. :slight_smile:

Better luck next year!

Money and a head to head sounds great to me for this year.

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Believe me, I’ve considered pulling this group into a fantasy league.

Don’t consider, Do, I have a league and space for a test run to set up next year.
Give me an email for an invite, take a look. If ya like it I make you co commissioner and sort changes. If not pass.

I posted that to pick on Elf because he deserves it but a league for here would be great for the forum and to build it.

Imagine, if you will, us butting heads for 17 weeks on games, draft picks, keepers and a bit of trash talk. Made for view.

Would I make it a money league or just bragging rights?

Just brag for now and kick up this forum a bunch, It is late.

Scoring? PPR and superflex, of course, but anything else special?