Who to Keep(3)? Adam’s/Jackson/Penny/Etienne/StBrown

I have a good Keeper problem to have. I can keep 3 of the following guys.
12 team 1/2 per starting lineup QB,RB,WR,WR,RB/WR,TE,K,D

I can keep any of the following at their listed round. I also have the 4th pick in the draft and am planning on Kupp or Henry.

  1. Devante Adam’s
  • Can only keep him 1 more year. New QB/Team?. I expect him to still be great but is it worth missing out on future talent.
  1. Lamar Jackson
  • Expecting a bounce back given the team injuries that plagued the team last year.
  1. Rashad Penny
  • QB change.Injury history a concern. Kind on out on him as a keeper.
  1. Travis Etienne
  • Never played a NFL down. Hoping he can recapture his college stats with his college QB at the helm.
  1. Amon ra St. Brown
  • Totally sold on St.Brown. Plays out of multiple positions. Good blocker so he’ll be on the field alot and when he got open in weeks 1-13 last year he had space. All done on great rout running and knowing the situation.

I’d keep Davante Adams–he’s on a new team, but Carr is not a new QB; they both played at Fresno State from 2012-2013, with Adams catching 233 passes for 3,030 yards and 38 TDs from Carr in those 27 games over two years–he should do just fine.

QBs are a dime a dozen, and Penny isn’t good enough to be a long-term solution, so your other two keepers are Etienne and St. Brown.

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The Elf is right on this one.

Etienne is kind of a dart throw, but with a high upside. I would take the shot with the low cost.

Brown is dirt cheap at that cost. While I’m not high on him in an average draft, 16th round is way too cheap. He is at 56th pick in ADP, which would be 5th round for a 12 team league. You’re stealing him in the 16th.

Etienne and St Brown are easy. However, I would go Jackson in 10 over only 1 year of Adams unless you have a title in your sights. Then, all in on Adames and drop St Brown.

Forgot to type offering Adams in trade.

The thing about dropping Adams is if I keep him I’ve essentially fulfilled my wr starters in the first pick and then 2-4 are rbs and qb. I think having a 1st 2nd and 6th rnd wr and a 4th rnd rb of the first pick is worth losing the time on jackson though i expect good things this year.

To put it into perspective by the end of the 4th Ill expect to have
WR: first rnd, early 2nd, 6th rnd WR
RB: 2nd rnd, 3rd rnd, and 4th rnd RB
QB: 4th rnd adp QB (whos to say its not Jackson or Hurts)

I definitely like the WR stack think that could be really strong! and Im heart broken over Jackson who is a game breaker.