Draft Eve: Who to Keep(3)?Adams/Jackson/Penny/Etienns/StBrown

Running this question back from a month ago!
I can keep 3 of the following guys in a 12 team 1/2 ppr.
Starting lineup QB-RB-WR-WR-RB/WR-TE-K-D
I have 4th Pick over all

I can keep any of the following at their listed round. I also have the 4th pick in the draft and am planning on Kupp or Henry.

  1. Devante Adam’s - Still loving this guys and even more if i can score a Kupp or Jefferson in the first round.
  • or -
  1. Lamar Jackson- Dont necessarily want to let him got but I think my strongest season is with Adams and a strong WR room given we just changed to a half PPR.
  • and -
  1. Rashad Penny- With the QB room or lack of lead to more carries, Walker Hernia, Can he hold up to the load. History Says no but whos to say he doesn’t break bad habits?
  • or -
  1. Travis Etienne- Never played a NFL down. Hoping he can recapture some semblance of his college stats with his college QB at the helm. James Robinson???
  • and -
  1. Amon ra St. Brown- Totally sold on St.Brown. Plays out of multiple positions. Good blocker so he’ll be on the field a lot and when he got open in weeks 1-13 last year he had space. All done on great rout running and knowing the situation.

I also have a planned by still fluid strategy of most likely KUPP at 1.4, any combination of WR+WR -or- RB+RB or WR+RB at 2.9 and 3.4. and probable QB at 4.9 as my next pick may not be until 6.9 if i keep Adams.
Last year 10 QBs were gone before 6.6

All input, perspectives, and suggestions appreciated!

Adams and Etienne, easy. My top 4 are Taylor, Jefferson, Ekeler and Cook.