Keepers: D Adams, St. Brown, Etienne, Perine, Geno Smith (Keep 3)

I am in a 12 team PPR redraft keeper league. We can select 3 keepers each year from our roster that were drafted from rounds 4 and up. These players are then drafted 2 rounds earlier than the previous year… Ive listed the players and their draft round this year. Biggest question in my opinion is Adams or Perine given their draft spots and overall age. Or Geno should he produce another great year,

Starting Lineup: QB-WR-WR-RB-Flex-TE-D-K

Adams Rnd 3 - Age fall off. Keeper status expiration
Perine Rnd 13 - Older but Sean Peyton!?!- Documented history of Strong RB Performances!
Etienne Rnd 13 - Youth, 3rd yr RB on 2nd yr treads
St.Brown Rnd 14 - Yes Please
Geno Smith Rnd 15 - Fall from grace of Russel Wilson and rise of Geno. Coincidence or is it Pete

I think I’m in a good position to win this this year and possibly beyond. Given my Keepers I am also stongly considering going Kelce Hurts to start the draft.

Etienne and St. Brown for sure.

I’d probly keep Geno, so you don’t have to use an early draft pick on a QB, but you could make an argument for Adams (in which case I still wouldn’t use an early draft pick on a QB, but if you keep Geno, you don’t have to worry about QB at all).

I actually went over this Wilson - Carroll - Smith triangle recently here…

Turns out, Carroll is quietly ‘The QB whisperer’. :shushing_face:

Well if he was loudly the QB whisperer, he wouldn’t be whispering, now would he?

LoL I know. I was using a play on words with a rare double positive. :upside_down_face: