Who should I start?

QB: Jalen Hurts
RBs: J.Taylor / Kamara / Hunt / Brian Robinson Jr / D’Onta Foreman, Hubbard, Gus Edwards
WRs: Chase (out), Pittman, Meyers, Gallup, Wan’Dale Robinson
TE: Ertz

1/2 PPR
1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex, 1 TE 1 K / DST

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QB Hurts
RB: Taylor and Kamara
WR: Pittman, Meyers and Gallup
TE: Ertz
Flex: Robinson

I like Robinson more than Hunt, mainly because Robinson will definitely get the touches. We never know with Hunt. The Foreman/Hubbard backfield is still working itself out. And you missed the Edwards train (or is that the the Gus Bus?), although he didn’t do much.

Gus bus is on my team but now I am unsure if I want to hold him or not.
I am thin at WR since Chase is out. I want to flip Robinson / Foreman / Hubbard for a WR but not sure anyone in my league would even bite.

I can hit WW, but dont see much option.
I had London, but I dropped him since ATL is a mess.

Thanks for your input.

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Maybe try trading Taylor? You have plenty of starting RB’s. For Taylor, you might get an elite WR.

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Gus and Hubbard are injured and Robinson projects as a back up for now.
Foreman is top 20 for this week.


Are you familiar with the old computer programming axiom, “GIGO”? Garbage in, garbage out.

If you trade garbage, you get garbage.

Trade top level talent to get top level talent.

You don’t get top level talent from garbage, unless you’re in a league of morons.

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who should I realistically target for JT considering he is downward trending and unsure if he will start, what sort of numbers he would put up…etc.

I never expect anyone to take my first offer, although occasionally I get surprised.

Who or what do you want? Personally, I’d go for a good WR. Short of Cooper Kupp, you should be able to get nearly any WR.

Last placed guy has all these WRs & RBs, he just had a bad start so perhaps I can ask him for a combo of 2 for JT and Pitman

He’s got Davante Adams, A. St Brown, Hopkins, Godwin, Keenan
RBs: ETN, Mixon, Mostert, Montgomery, James Robinson

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I’d shoot for the combo play, and grab Adams and St. Brown for JT and Pittman.

someone dropped Mike Williams in my league, should i pick him up and stash him, I can drop my 2nd defense next week as my NE defense is on bye.
If I wait too long, there is a risk someone else might stash him. As you can see i need WR help
who can i drop from my roster for Mike Williams:

RBs: J.Taylor / Kamara / Hunt / Brian Robinson Jr / D’Onta Foreman, Deon Jackson
WRs: Chase (out), Pittman, Meyers, Pamer
Def: NE (bye), NY Giants

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Considering Deon Jackson has been ruled out this week, you can either stash him in an IR spot, assuming your league has them, or cut him.

This should give you the spot to grab Williams.