Evaluate this trade proposal?

This guy in my league needs RBs, any possibility I can get a combo of WRs to help my under performing WR bunch? I havent proposed yet, but looking for guidance / advise. I am 2-3. he is 4-1

My Roster:

QB: Jalen Hurts
RBs: J.Taylor / Kamara / Hunt / Gibson / Brian Robinson Jr / Dobbins
WRs: Chase, Pittman, London, Jakobi Meyers, Gallup, McKenzie
TE: Ertz

Trade Partner:

QB: Trevor Lawrence
WR: Kupp, Diggs, Marquise Brown, Dionte Johnson, Bateman, Curtis Samuel, Thielen
RB: James Cooner, Singletary, Boone, Penny
TE: Njoku, Hockenson

Trade away: Hunt , Dobbins, London
Potential Get back: Diggs or Brown + Samuel / Diante, Bateman

Your WR room isn’t that bad. Pittman is underperforming, but looking at the Colts’ schedule, there is hope for improvement. Jakobi Meyers is underrated. Gallup is a player to hold, he might look a lot better in 2-3 weeks, once he is at 100% and Dak is back.

The only players that are a clear improvment for your WR room are Kupp and Diggs. Hollywood, too, but there is the open question what the impending return of D-Hop will do to his volume. I’m not overly concerned, but would still not buy-high right now.

Diontae is also not a player I’d trade for right now. The volume is still there, but Kenny Pickett and Diontae clearly aren’t on the same page yet. This can still get better over the next weeks - or he will lose more and more targets to George Pickens.

So Diggs is the player you want. But I doubt you will get him for Kamara or Dobbins plus London. Both Kamara and Dobbins are a mixed bag so far. If I had Diggs and considered trading him for an RB, I’d ask for JT.

You can always ask, but with JT being injured, Kamara and Dobbins being inconsistent, and Hunt scoring moderately, I would not trade too much RB depth away. There is every hope that Brian Robinson will start producing soon, but so far, it’s exactly that: a hope.

To be honest: I don’t see a trade here that the other guy is likely to accept, and that would definitely help your team.

thanks for the feedback. Its been a weird season for me thus far. Good roster, but just havent been able to put up wins. I suppose I can wait another 2 weeks and see where I am. If I get desperate, I may have to let go of JT or Kamara for something else.

I agree with all of the above, except that the other guy has got to be feeling desperate for RBs and might accept an offer that is favorable to OP. Why not make the offer for Diggs? Either Kamara or Dobbins plus Hunt might be enough to do it. And if he’ll throw in Bateman, too, that would be great.

He countered Kamara + Dobbins for Diggs. I have asked if he can throw in another receiver…perhaps Bateman…what do you think?
I can keep Hunt.

In a vacuum, that is a good deal for you.

But I guess you have to start 2 RBs, correct? Your remaining RB room is:
JT - good, but not elite this year - and currently injured
Kareem Hunt - a mid-range RB2 in PPR formats, worse in standard
Antonio Gibson - who is not startable anymore
Brian Robinson - who is not startable yet, and we don’t know what his ROS ceiling will be

You are solving a WR problem that you may not even have. And create a potential RB problem that you may not be able to solve.

In a perfect scenario, JT will be back shortly, and will remain an RB1 for the rest of the season. And Hunt and Robinson will produce solid RB2 numbers.

In a nightmare scenario, JT will not get back to speed, Robinson will struggle along with his team, and Kareem Hunt is the only reliable option you will have left for the rest of the season.

The deal is good. If it will help your team is a different question, though.

well, i guess, i’ll wait to see how the next 2 weeks go, hope these players start putting up some numbers cuz right now, hardly any of them are producing close to their projections or draft value…thanks for the feedback.

Don’t give up! Why not counter again? The other guy may be 4-1, but he needs this trade more than you do.

another guy is offering Jeff Willson & Keenan Allen for JT.
I can counter with JT for Devonte or ask him to throw A. St brown along with Jeff wilson & Keenan,

He has
Devonte Adams, A. St Brown, Godwin, Keenan Allen, Garret Wilson, Deandre Hopkins
Mixon, Jeff Wilson, D Montgomery James Robinson, ETN, Mostert

No. Definitely no. Jeff Wilson is a wild card in a random backfield that will soon have Eli Mitchell back. Keenan Allen has been injured all season so far, and is nearing 30.

Davante Adams already is 30, and while he does perform rather well, he won’t continue to do so for much longer. I never understood why the Raiders gave him a contract that runs until his age 34 season. They can get out 2 years earlier, but still, at a price.

I would aim at Travis Etienne here, plus either Garrett Wilson (if you can wait a year for him to start producing) or Amon-Ra St. Brown (if you are looking for immediate help).

But don’t do any fringe deals. I still do not see an immediate need for roster moves on your team. And you are not as deep on RB as you seem to think.

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I’ll ride it out for couple more weeks and see where I stand. I am 2-3, hopefully better days ahead.