Trade Jonathan Taylor?

I still have Kamara and J Jacobs. I’m thin at 2nd wide receiver and tight end (thanks Waller). Is it time to give up on Taylor because of his injuries and poor QB? And the fact he’s just on a bad team…

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New QB starts Sunday. I’d see what happens first, he could see a lot of volume in the passing realm with dump offs. I’ have Pittman and am trying to be optimistic
It would be nice for you to have three good RBs cause we all know what can happen any given Sunday.

In my view Taylor’s overall value has dropped from the #1 pick to a RB2.

You should be able to get a top WR. Put him up and see what you can get.

Welcome aboard!

What other RB’s do you have? Since both Kamara and Jacobs have injury histories, I wouldn’t want to leave myself thin at RB.

Yeah I’m thin already at RB’s.
I’d try and get some kind of RB back as well as solve my WR2 issue. My team isn’t bad, and I’m currently tied for 1st at 5-2 with 3 other people, but they’ve all outscored me by 70-90 points. I just don’t think i have enough to beat them come playoffs, should I make it.

There were some fair options available to replace Dillon. Taylor is worth a WR1.