Getting Chase . Worth it

Well half PPR and 3-4 and need swing for fences or I am just gonna go down further

We start 1 QB , 2 RB, 2 WR , 1 Flex, 1 TE

My team

Swift, J Williams, Henderson, B Robinson
J Jefferson, C Lamb, D J Moore , C Samuel and W Robinson
Pitts and Higbee

I am Offered Chase for giving up Lamb, Samuel, J Williams

Is it a lot ? What can I counter to get Chase ?

Lastly how can I make my team better ?
What player i can target for trades who are def gonna help me .

Sorry if thats stupid question


There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. And I’ll leave those for our resident troll.

However, the question which player to target for a potential trade is indeed very difficult to answer. We don’t know what your league looks like, how the other managers respond to trade offers, etc.

If this is a redraft league, check if anyone has interest in acquiring Kyle Pitts. Some managers are always happy to overpay for a big name, so see whatever you can get for him.

As for the Chase trade:

On paper, that looks like a very good offer for you. I take it J Williams is Jamaal, not Javonte, and this is a redraft league?

Whether this trade is good or bad for your team greatly depends on the health of D’Andre Swift. He seems to be trending towards playing this week. If he does, stays healthy, and leads this backfield, he will be your RB1 for the rest of the season, and you can afford to give up Jamaal.

However, if he gets injured again or remains on a snap count, you may be left with only 2 startable RBs, and they are Darrell Henderson and Brian Robinson. Robinson might keep trending up, but Henderson does not profile like an RB you’d want to rely on every week.

Giving up Lamb and Curtis Samuel for Chase is a no-brainer. Samuel is only a depth piece for your team anyway, and Chase is better than Lamb.

I take it players like Eno Benjamin or D’Onta Foreman are long gone from your waiver wire by now. But check what players are still there. Going into the second half of the season with only Swift, Henderson and Brian Robinson can work out, but it is quite risky.

If you’re 3-4, I’d consider taking that risk, though.


There are no stupid questions, only stupid owners.

I would say no but yes to Lamb and Samuel… Advice not a final answer.

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Thanks so much . Yes I agree with you on all the points . Its a redraft league and sometimes one needs to gamble and go for it if team in question is 3-4. What i got loose . Chase makes my team better and with Justin Jefferson and swift and Stevenson and DJ Moore : who knows a late push

I just have a good feeling about it . About my running backs : well nothing available on waivers so maybe a week or so later can swing another trade with some thing

No Harm in trying .

Thanks man

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