1-3, need advice

QB: Jalen Hurts
RBs: J.Taylor / Kamara / Hunt / Gibson / Brian Robinson Jr / Dobbins
WRs: Chase, Pittman, London, Allen Robinson, Treylon Burks, Jakobi Meyers
TE: Ertz

Desperate for a win…i dont know what else to do.

I am dropping Allen Robinson for Tyler Higbee or should I consider McKenzie / Gallup / Boyd / Rondale Moore
I am also dropping Burks for Aligeier since JT and Kamara have not been performing based on their projections.

It should be noted that if Allen Robinson had caught all of his end zone targets so far this year, he would be a top 5 WR in half-PPR scoring.

Well, you should get used to it, because that’s a large part of fantasy football–especially in keeper and dynasty leagues.

oh i am used to it. time to drop him for someone who can put up more than 5 points.

He is averaging 5 half-PPR points per game. Five. He’s scored 33.5% of his fantasy points on a two-yard TD grab. He has weeks of 1.7, 3.3, and 1.7 half-PPR points. He has finished 5th (Week 1), 3rd (Week 2), 2nd (Week 3), and 3rd (Week 4) in targets for the Los Angeles Rams.

Understood. Do you also understand that if he would have caught all 7 of his end zone targets so far, he’d be a top 5 WR this season?

that may be, but the fact is I cant hang my season on nopes of when he will breakout, its been 4 weeks. Let him be someone else’s headache. I need to stack wins in order to stay relevant or my season is over. I got bigger problems them just him. if you see my roster, i should be top-5, but none of my players outside of Chase & Hurtz, Ertz are doing anything at the moment.

Well, nobody said you have to keep starting him; I’m just suggesting it might be too early to drop him entirely.

Unfortunately, most of the other WRs you chose to draft suck as well–you focused too much on “upside” and forgot to draft any established talent at the position.

I could have told you that you’d have problems with that WR corps before the season started, but you probly wouldn’t have believed me then.

In any case, this is looking like a “live and learn” year for you anyway, so hopefully you will extract the maximum learning from the tuition you paid this season.

appreciate the feedback. I won the chip last year so if this year is a downer, its fine. I’ll see if I can trade anything. with folks who are 0-4

If wishes were ponies, we’d all ride. You got anything better than that?

Your moves look good. Robinson for Gallup looks good after last week’s game. Burks for Allgeier is good too.

Thanks for the feedback. I managed to pick up Gallup but not Aligeier…
Should I pick up McKenzie or Jameson Williams?

I am not sure who else to pick up to replace Allen Robinson. I was thinking Jameson Williams as a stash, but with St Brown & Hockenson, along with Swift, not too sure if the volume will be there for him.

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Williams is a gamble, but based on the Detroit offense so far, it might be a good gamble. If it was dynasty, I’d say definitely, but even in redraft it might be worth the risk.

Just picked up McKenzie and dropped Allen Robinson.
This is my team for now, hope i can stack some wins after this week:

QB: Jalen Hurts
RBs: J.Taylor / Kamara / Hunt / Gibson / Brian Robinson Jr / Dobbins
WRs: Chase, Pittman, London, Jakobi Meyers, Gallup, McKenzie
TE: Ertz