Who is Most Likely to Win the Rushing Title?

We’re running an article series where we’re asking our writers different questions. I wanted to carry over the conversation here.

Who do you think is most likely to lead the NFL in rushing in 2021?

Derrick Henry is too obvious. Yes, he’s a beast, but his nearly 400 touches last season are a concern. Unless the Titans cut back on his touches to a saner level, he’s gonna break down this season.

I’m gonna go with Dalvin Cook. But I won’t be surprised if somebody comes out of left field to grab the title. Javonte Williams? Mike Davis? Antonio Gibson? Nick Chubb? Circumstances will play a big part in it.

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Henry is the most likely, Zeke is the second-most likely. Cook owners will be without him for an extra week in a 17 game season.

Everyone talks about the touches, but Henry isn’t human.

That Aikman call… “Henry making Josh Norman reconsider whether he wants to play again.” lol


I’d love it if you’re right AxeElf. I have Henry on my keeper league team. But the cynic in me says “nope”.

Well, I’m right about him having the best chance. Whether the player with the best chance ends up being that player or not remains to be seen.

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