#1 pick decisions👀👀

Of course Cmc goes #1. But after that you’re forced to choose between either:

  • 2 b2b top WRs and scrambling for RB help later
    -Top RB/TE and scrambling for WR help later

What’s your TOP STRATEGY?!?!

The best strategy has always been to pick the best player available when you are on the clock. This starts in Round 1, where the first pick would be Derrick Henry, as he has the best chance of being the overall #1 RB at the end of the season, and continues with every pick thereafter.

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I will second everything Axe said about BPA. Otherwise, his Derrick Henry advice is exaggerated. I won’t call him wrong, but I will say Henry is reaching the career point when his risk for injury is increasing. The fact the Titans traded for Julio Jones should tell you they are aware of the risk.

Only humans have a risk of injury.

Henry is superhuman…until he isn’t.

Cmc has to go 1st for me . I do love Henry but w AJ Brown and Julio that’s alot of mouths to feed. I’d much rather have Sam Darnold mess up and have to give it to cmc every play. My issue is that my #2 & 3 pick…the highest adp are almost always wrs. And I know to have a fighting chance in the ship I need to be rb heavy. That’s where my dilemma lands lol

Were you unaware that the Titans had a 2nd WR last year as well? His name was Corey Davis. He vacated 92 targets when he went to the Jets. The Titans also had two pass-catching TEs last season who split 122 targets; one of them departed for New England.

So if anything, there are FEWER mouths to feed in 2021 than there were in 2020.

I can see that take as well. I forgot there no Jonuu Smith now. & if Julio or AJ gets injured then Henry would ball out… I was able to draft Henry at #4 in one of my other leagues and I think that was a steal. You could be on to something there.