Who do you take?

Im going to have the choice of McCaffrey, Henry or Dalvin Cook all coming off injuries
who do you take?

going to keep a running total and post in 24 hrs

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Welcome aboard!

One thing about Cook is all of his injuries were never serious. For the other two, they have lost half seasons or more.

In addition, the Vikings are allegedly moving more towards a pass-oriented offense, which should help reduce the stress to Cook’s body.

In summary, take Cook, especially in PPR.

Taking anyone other than the best player in fantasy football (by a wide margin) when he is available is an invitation of ridicule and ultimate failure.

If you don’t know who that is, take a look at the RB standings after Week 8 last year.

Unfortunately, the season lasted longer than 8 weeks. At the end, Jonathan Taylor was the best RB in the NFL. but we aren’t talking about him, so why don’t you keep up?

McCaffrey is always very tempting with HIGH risk and Henry will get unreal attention with little pass game.

Cook is the safest choice.

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McCaffrey has been for me one of those you draft then he gets injured. Then your afraid to drop him or trade. So you wind up getting stuck with him in the hopes he comes back. Like Michael Thomas.

Henry seems to me be up and down during the regular season. He’ll have a huge game one week . Then have a sub par the next.

Cook is the only rb that you mentioned i have in one the five teams im managing this season. Cook just seemed to be the steady out of these three. You know what your getting with him.

Anyone of these backs should be a contributing factor on your squad.

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There’s a saying in fantasy football: The best “ability” is “availability”!

When your player is out, he gives you nothing. Both CMC and Henry missed enough games last season (in CMC’s case, and the year before) that they have to give you pause. Saying a player recovered from his last injury is no indicator of future health. Sometimes, an injury is an indicator of a body wearing out. In football, stresses accumulate, almost like metal fatigue. This is simple physics!

To Cook’s credit, he toughs out most of his injuries, and usually gets points doing it. God bless him, he will pay for this later in life. In the meantime, we can still take advantage of him fantasy-wise. I know this sounds inhumane. but it is what it is. If Cook is going to go out there and play and make a bunch of fantasy points, I’m not turning my back on him.