Is Henry Done at age 29?

Held to 20 yards

Henry rushed 11 times for 20 yards and wasn’t targeted in Sunday’s 27-3 loss to the Browns.

Advice: Henry was held to minus-7 yards on four first-half rushing attempts, then saw limited work in the second half as the Titans mustered just three points against the stout Browns defense. The star running back will look to bounce back in Week 4, when the Titans return home to host the Bengals. Cleveland has allowed only one offensive touchdown through three games, so this poor performance can largely be chalked up to a difficult matchup, though Tennessee’s poor offensive line play so far this season suggests not much will come easy for Henry in 2023.

Could he be traded before the deadline? Titans are just horrible.

I am actually tempted to start Rochon vs Denver or Addison over him vs Cinci who is tuff up front and should jump to a lead forcing the pass.

My wife has Henry (I have Spears) and she is thinking he is a sell. trying to move him on name for some younger talent (redraft)

Hadn’t thought about trade though. If he went to a Buffalo say, could be a whole different thing.

You should be asking her for advice over the forum.

To be honest she’s not as into it as me. She does ok but I do tend to help or offer tidbits she wouldn’t normally get because she doesn’t care as much.

Not to say she doesn’t make her own decisions. It’s borderline collusion I suppose but we’ll banter about her team and I will mention what I have read or see, etc.

I was the one who told her he may be a sell on his name while you can. But a trade could certainly make that backfire.

Derrick Henry had 30 half-PPR fantasy points over the first two weeks of this season. He had 16 half-PPR fantasy points over the first two weeks of the 2022 season–and he finished as RB4.

Yes, he had a really poor outing against a really good defensive front on a week where he missed two practices with a toe injury. Things happen.

Four of the last five times that Henry has faced the Texans, he has rushed for over 200 yards and at least 2 TDs. Henry faces the Texans in Weeks 15 and 17 this year. If you can get into the playoffs with him, you should win going away.

No mang. Guys built like him will go as long as they like if they’re averaging in the early 4’s per carry - which he is not (barely) - but is on pace for over 1,100 rushing yards, and 350+ receiving yards, on 8-10 TDs.

He is still above average and looks his younger self on some plays but the drop on a number of others.