Which QB would you go with?

Drafted Cousins (QB16) in the 9th round. Roethlisberger (QB19) and Winston (QB25) are both available on the waiver wire.

1 Point Per 20 yds Passing
1 Point Per 15 yds Rushing
4 Points Per Passing TD
6 Points Per Rushing TD
-1 Point Per Fumble Lost
-2 Points Per Passing Interception
-2 Points Per Passing Interception for TD

Do I stick with Cousins or replace with one of the other two?

I would guess that if you are axing this question, you are unaware that over the back half of 2020 (Weeks 10-17), Kirk Cousins was the QB3 in fantasy, behind Rodgers and Watson.

Not much has changed for him since then, so I’m not sure why you’d be eyeing scrubs to replace him.

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DAMN you’re good! LOL!

Again… keeping my head on straight. As you can likely guess, I’m not CRAZY about Cousins, but needed someone else to confirm I’m not missing something. Was thinking with NO’s o-line there was upside with Winston. Then I looked at the production over the past three years in NO. Even Brees wasn’t lighting it up in the yardage category when he was healthy. Thought there was no way Winston out performs Brees. But needed confirmation I wasn’t over analyzing things. Big Ben should sling the rock, but I absolutely HATE their o-line.

Thanks again for talking me off the ledge! LOL

I axually think Winston will be pretty good, if he can avoid the INTs that will get him benched. But Brees wasn’t really a deep ball thrower, so Winston should take greater advantage of Tre’Quan Smith’s speed, and could be set up for a lot of yardage depending on game scripts.

But I think Cousins is the safer and more consistent bet, and you can only start one QB.

If you can stash Winston on your bench, I would. He has more upside than Cousins, but we aren’t sure what Winston’s floor is yet. Cousins is safer.

Wow, really? You think Winston can finish higher than QB3 (that’s what Cousins was over the last 8 weeks of 2020–behind only Rodgers and Watson)???

You must have both Callaway and Tre’Quan among the top 10 WRs, like Jefferson and Thielen were last year.

Considering Winston finished 3rd in 2019, my answer is “yes”. And that was for the ENTIRE season, not just a cherry-picked 8 weeks. If you look at ALL of 2020, Cousins finished about 65 points below Aaron Rodgers, who was the FULL season #3 QB.

Mind you, I am NOT saying Winston will finish in the top 3. I am saying THAT is his upside. I am also NOT recommending Winston as a QB1, but as a backup or bench stash with high potential. I am NOT even recommending anyone should start Winston over Cousins, so your attack was unwarranted.

There are many QB’s with more potential than Kirk Cousins and his cherry-picked 8 games. I mean, Cousins beat out Mahomes in those 8 games. Do you really want to go there?

Are there any confidence dollars behind this answer, or is it more like wishful thinking?

Ok, so wishful thinking then.

Cousins played in all 8; Mahomes played in 6 (and was still the QB12).

So you’re saying Mahomes is declining? As a Raider fan, I’m glad to hear it, but I’m not believing it. I’m still waiting for the statistical evidence to back up this proposition? I’ll await your stats with anticipation…

No, I’m saying that over the back half of 2020, Cousins was the QB3 in fantasy behind Rodgers and Watson.

Try to keep up.

So you’re saying for future purposes, because of that 8 game stretch, Cousins is clearly worth more than Mahomes? I await your defense of that stupidity…

It appears that reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I said no such thing.

Is that your game? Just make up something, attribute it to me, and then mock it?

This is known as a strawman fallacy.

I notice you don’t challenge what I said, instead relying on insults to prove your point. Good arguing with you.

It appears that reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I did no such thing.

Is that your game? Just make up something, attribute it to me, and then mock it?

This is known as a strawman fallacy.

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So if you repeat the same thing over and over again, it must be true? Keep proving me right, if you can.

@AxeElf is spot on. Cousins is not a bad QB option. Especially with your leagues penalties for turnovers. Big Ben and Jameis will turn the ball over. The move may be to hold. If a team drops a better option once BYE weeks begin or managers get impatient with Fields or Lance scoop them up.

Jameis had 5 td’s and 0 picks. You were saying?

Oh that’s right, you’re the one with the memory and comprehension issues.

I was saying that I didn’t think Winston would finish as the QB3 or better this season, and that thinking he would could be classified as “wishful thinking.” He’s currently the QB4.

Say what you will about Jameis, he’s a solid red zone QB. That’s an awesome fantasy quality. I’ll take Jameis (29 points roughly) over your Kirk Cousins pick (22 points roughly). We’ll see how the season unfolds.